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thanks for replying.

> First - unless it is printed it is not canon.

Do Chaosium era sources count, or just the Issaries stuff? I have seen a hex map of sartar that says "Dragon Pass" on it that does not jive with the DP:LoT intpretation. But from other postings I think you're refering to some map in "Orlanth is Dead", something that I don't have.   If I had, this thread would have happened much earlier.

> So any
> working assumption I may have made that is not in
> print is just one possibility. Also remember YGMV -
> this has been undecided so long that the publication
> of DP:LoT is bound to break some campaigns; prefer
> your version if it works.

Understood. There is no way for Glorantha to evolve without changing some things. My goal is not to say that mine is better. I'm just trying to understand how things have turned out.

My game is one of those "it is gonna start" and real life (wife, kids, massive overtime) keeps getting in the way. I end up being a scholar wannabe. I'm not on the hook to keep any form of consistancy.

> And as John Hughes stated in
> some ways DP:LoT is a begining, I am sure II will fill
> in details in particular ways over time, some of which
> may be valid reading of DP:LoT, but may not be what I
> expected.
> What is stated:
> 1: The Syalngi have absorbed the Kultain, so their
> lands are combined.

Fair enough, but I'm specifically interested in 1612-1619, so that doesn't apply. I'm not sure which year is canonical for DP, but clearly it is after the Kultain tribe was disbanded.

> 2: We identify TwoTop as the Kutlain 'spiritual home'
> 3: volsaxiland - volsaxi
> 4: Karstanstead - Volsaxi
> 5: Northvale - Bacofi
> 6: Finovan Hills - Bacofi
> 7: Upper Marzeel Vale was Kitori now Bacofi
> 8: Dreven - Curtali
> 9: Markdale - Sylangi (but Broyan born here so
> southern tip may be Volsaxi)

good stuff

> 10: Charandar hills - Balmyr land south of Wilmskirk;
> Locaem north of Wilmskirk

#10 flies in the face of the hex map, and is not consistent with the view of Boldhome (p45) which has the Balmyri bordering the Quivini mountains (ie - north of Wilsmkirk).

I'm not saying that it doesn't work, or cannot work, just that the sources are at best an Orlanthi all.

> 11: Sorang valley south of Wilmskirk - Balmyr
> 12: Famegrave, Owlstead - Locaem
> Now some guesses, but just that
> 1: Destor's Hills south of Wilmskirk - Volsaxi
> 2: Twotop and Destor's Hills north of Whitewall - once
> Kultain now expanded Sylangi

Both of these seem reasonable to me.

> Note that while Salvi was in the Branlands, Branvale,
> and the Duran Hills we are not explicit about any
> tribal identity. Looking at the tribal map on p.7 some
> parts might now be Balmyr some parts wilderness, some
> still Locaem - nothing is stated. We also do not say
> if anyone occupies the Auroch Hills. Use whatever
> works for your game.

I'm looking for GAG if at all possible. If I redo my map, then I'll want to get it right. As far as I know it was consistent with everything generally available as of 2001.

>>>That leaves the northern border.  Ian's comment that

> Halfort may have been Kultaini before 1619 could
> work.<
> Not quite. To fit Halfort needs to have been Balmyr
> for generations i.e. longer than 1619.

Maybe I'm being dense, but there is nothing in the paragraph that states that Halfort was Balmyri before 1619, just the mines. I haven't read anything in DP:LoT other than the descriptions for this discussion. Willandring could have moved there after 1619 to be closer to the temple he just built and to his source of wealth. I'm not saying that I like this, just that it isn't explicitly prohibited. And it is how I interpreted your post in GD 10-7 although now I'm scratching my head wondering how I got that from your posting.


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