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What I feel regretfully that this treats only a part of Dragon Pass in limited meaning, only about the Map. So according to my concern to older age, this book omits Berenethtelli (Saird), half of Koroltes (Grazeland) and Kodigvari (Esrolia) areas.

As heortling is known for half-farming and half-nomadic, maybe boundary is not so distinct as I assume, (in one of my KODP games, when Colymer ambassador came, I paid much more and joined Colymer Tribe as an enclave, so maybe heortling tribes were mapped as patchworks, not distinct regions....

@Dawn Age Tribes Note
http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/LegendaryTribesofVingkotandHeort.htm According to old Jeff Richard's note, Stravuli was dominant in Heort's regime, but later hindered for the folly of kings (See Stampede p.30) by Liornvuli of Kordros and Orgovaltes (See Forthan), maybe as hammer and anvil. That might be the reason why Berenethtelli led heortlings after that.

I can't find the information about why "Orvantes" was replaced to Sedenorvuli, see Storm Tribe.

(#Berenethtelli?: Hero Beren? and his horse Chakandar? (Charandar Hills) I am not sure about Beren (husband of Redaylda?) and Beren"neth"....? See also Ulaninstead, maybe the two brother-in-laws are also brother-in-arms, or rivals?)

(#Kodigvari?: Arfritha Kodigdottir? married with Orgovaltes?)

#Liornvuli (aka Island Tribe, Kordros Isle, descent from Lastralgortelli (it
contradicts JR's note in Enclosure, in his note, it is from Kodigvari)) See Boarford, Stampede (p.30), Kaufonstead, Kordros Island)

(As far as I know, in Battle of Night and Day, Liornvuli sided with the army of Lokamayadon, maybe reluctantly, but they will certainly punished byt Arkat, later.)

(Sowford: Boundary between Liornvuli and Stravuli)

#Stravuli (Dominant Tribe under Highking Heort, Grizzly Peak)
Stravul the Lean (Founder)
Heroes: Stravul and Koffer (Koffer Hills) Descendants: Both Arim the Pauper and Firstblood Tribe of Ilaro (he insists of blood of Alakoring) inherit its blood? When did Hendarli and Firstblood
See Arim's Wash, Grizzlypeak, Koffer Hills and Stravulstead

#Koroltes (Doriziland, modern Grazeland)
See Smoking Ruins, it was called Korolstead.

#Orgovaltes (Quivinland)

Ulanin the Rider (Cattle Raid? See "Red Cow", greatbull Gochbadan and Ulanin)
Heroes: Bran Great Beard? (Ancestor of Salvi the Good), Forthan (Forthanland), Tantrell (Tantrell Hills),
<I don't know why Heort was born in Orgovaltes Land, though he is a Koroltes....perhaps that dangerous time between uzland and devastated Chaos land, only the root of Quivin was relatively safe?)

See Starfire Ridge(Illavan Clan, "Argrath" fled from here), Sacred Top? (Amilanth and Jeromar?), Tantrell Hills, Two Ridge Fort (their Center of Power?), Ulaninstead
Descendants: Salvi of Locaem? (I am not sure Bran was Orgovaltes, see above about heortling boundary)

#Orvantes (Volsaxiland)

Heroes: Volsax and Dreven (See Dreven Vale), Orlgar? See Hartside (Hero Orlgar of Storm Age), Karstanstead (Karstan Nine-with-One), Ramsleap (Urothing Clan), Volsaxiland (Hero Volsax,
Descendants: Bacofi of modern Volsaxar (See Northvale)

#Garunvuli (Syphon River region)

Heroes: Jan Ironclad, King Orvis
See Janfjord (Jan), Orvistula (Orvis)

@Modern Heortland

Ian Cooper:

<<1: The Syalngi have absorbed the Kultain, so their lands are combined.

2: We identify TwoTop as the Kutlain 'spiritual home'
3: volsaxiland - volsaxi
4: Karstanstead - Volsaxi
5: Northvale - Bacofi
6: Finovan Hills - Bacofi
7: Upper Marzeel Vale was Kitori now Bacofi
8: Dreven - Curtali
9: Markdale - Sylangi (but Broyan born here so
southern tip may be Volsaxi)
10: Charandar hills - Balmyr land south of Wilmskirk; Locaem north of Wilmskirk
11: Sorang valley south of Wilmskirk - Balmyr 12: Famegrave, Owlstead - Locaem

Now some guesses, but just that

  1. Destor's Hills south of Wilmskirk - Volsaxi
  2. Twotop and Destor's Hills north of Whitewall - once Kultain now expanded Sylangi

Note that while Salvi was in the Branlands, Branvale, and the Duran Hills we are not explicit about any tribal identity. Looking at the tribal map on p.7 some parts might now be Balmyr some parts wilderness, some still Locaem - nothing is stated. We also do not say if anyone occupies the Auroch Hills. Use whatever works for your game.

>That leaves the northern border. Ian's comment that Halfort may have been Kultaini before 1619 could work.<
Not quite. To fit Halfort needs to have been Balmyr for generations i.e. longer than 1619.>>

#Volsaxar Earldom

Whitewall (King Bryan)

Darsrest Hroar (Bacofi, self-styled Earl of all Volsaxi?) Line of Smithstone---Roadend is controled by Baron Sanuel. Twotop is of Sylangi (their part of domain, Markdale is Home of Bryan) Stagwood (Curtali)

<Long feud between Volsaxi and Bacofi, see Karstanstead, King Karstan and King Harrald, about Janerra>

#Karhend Earldom

Jansholm (Seat of Eorl, Willelm the Bloody)

Voria and Giant
Belen Hills <->Orvano Hills

Deadwood EWF Lord?
Lord One Ex (Ascension in the end of Youf?)

Dinkat Ladder (Falling Ruin = Intan)

Horshassam = Dragon's Eye?

Umm, I cannot remember or find the reason why Stravulstead should not be called Iliastead before Firstbloods....?

Check again Greg's writing about Lokamayadon and Gbaji War in GTA limited archive. (Tribes of Gbaji War, of course, most of north tribes betrayed for survival....)

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