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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 11:07:53 -0800 (PST)

> That's what I mean. They are different, but their
> myths got mixed-up (Raven) in some Jaldon related
> event so that it is now difficult to distinguish
> what one did from what the other does.

I don't think confusion among real-world players of HeroQuest about whether Jaldon is an incarnation of Tada or Waha indicates a confusion among Praxians on the matter. The Waha Khans know that Jaldon is a path of Waha.

> (are you sure Tada is not an ancestor??? Your
> comment below seems to imply another option;
> see my comment)

I am certain. Tada is not an ancestor of the Praxian nomads. He's someone else's ancestor.

> Yes but Raven is a possible explanation anyway.

Raven is only one of many Praxian tricksters, and probably not the trickiest one, at least as might be available to Praxian nomads.

> White Bull spirit is connected to the Harmony
> prophecy and even Pavis "strove" for Harmony.


> According to the first Jaldon, maybe White Bull
> was intended to pass as part of the harmony and
> so trick Pavis' Oath in allowing the United
> Tribes to enter the City. But the trickster got
> tricksted since he didn't find White
> Bull, but a crazed Half Oasis people-Half Praxian
> hero of old: Jaldon.

I don't follow this at all. I don't think there is a significant trickster story here. The White Bull spirit is an animal of prophecy that portends an avoidable doom. Unifying the tribes is its first step; casting out the outlanders is the second. Argrath White Bull is his tool.

I don't think Jaldon is half Oasis People. He's certainly no Oasis People hero. Do you have a source for this?

> It depends what does the conquest or ravage of Pavis
> City means to the plan AW is going to fulfill. It
> may be a little station, but defended by the Lunar
> Empire or defiled by post Youf Sartarites, it could
> spoil the entire Quest of AW.

The point here is that Pavis is pretty insignificant. The nomads recognize this. They sack Pavis for a few days, then move on to more important business.

> > I don't think Tada is exactly Genert's son, but
> > Praxians might think so. His title means "Queen's
> > Champion," which may imnply a different
> > relationship.
> Have you read Wilbur Smith the Seventh Papyrus and
> The God of the River?


> There the Pharaoh Mamose dies without sons (Genert
> in my analogy). Then her young Queen (Eiritha)
> drives the people away from the avenging Hyksos
> (Devil) lead by a betraying relative of the Royal
> Family (Ragnaglar) and her Champion (Tada) becomes
> her lover generating the next heir to Mamose
> The fictionary tale told by Wilbur Smith vaguely
> reports the end of the Middle Kingdom and the advent
> of the New Kingdom of Egypt.
> There is an obscure relationship (incestuous?
> adulterine?) between the New Kingdom Dinasty and the
> Middle Kingdom Dinasties in RW ancient Egypt
> history.
> In such a situation you could easily find analogies
> to justify a Urox/Storm Bull Wind coming from the
> west for kin reasons but initiating his own New
> Kingdom: the Praxian Age, the age of Waha, son of
> Storm Bull and of Eiritha. At the west of Egypt
> there is Lybia (animal Riders: have you seen Osprey
> Camel Riders fighting Egyptians?) and at the south
> there is Nubia from where the Egyptians took
> mercenary black-skinned forces to fight their wars.
> Agimori?
> Maybe my analogy is completely false, but I have not
> found something really better to portray ancient
> Prax culture than these sort of sources.

No, it sournds pretty interesting as an analogy. Some of the events are backwards. And Tada is not the ancestor of the nomads -- Storm Bull is. Tada is someone else's ancestor.

Chris Lemens

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