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Greetings to the Tribe,

I am pleased to announce that Masters of Luck and Death has been released! We received our copies here at Issaries Friday evening, and (uncharacteristically) I was able to get almost all of the contributor, GTA, and review copies out in the mail yesterday. If you are a contributor, GTA hero, or other person expecting a copy, you should have it by the end of this coming week (or perhaps a bit later, depending on where you live). Thanks to David Mitchell for making this quick turn-around possible (he came in several weeks ago and got the envelopes labeled and customs forms completed).

For everyone else, we expect copies to ship to distributors from Steve Jackson Games' Las Vegas warehouse this week, and hope the book will be available in game stores and at Warehouse 23 by the end of the month. Ask your FLGS* when they'll have it in!

Of all the books I have worked on for Issaries, Masters of Luck and Death is by far my personal favorite. I hope everyone enjoys it.



Stephen Martin

P.O. Box 272914 Concord, CA 94527
Phone: (925) 680-8897
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