[Glorantha]"Three Evil Trades"

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Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:31:52 +0200

I wonder if anyone here would know and was able to tell me a bit more about the "Three Evil Trades"? (DP:LoT pg 26)

One of the trades apparently took place at Feyghost River where Orane the Steadwife gave up her clothes. In return she got laced into exciting charms of invigoration???

What happened there? Why was it evil?
Did Orane went for a swim? Whom she was trading with?

And what were the two other of "Three Evil Trades"?


IMG my heortling clan is situated near Feyghost area.

If theres no more information on the subject available, I'm quite happy to go and explore those myths on my own.

A thought occured that maybe Orane was tricked to drown in exchange of learning how to deal with near-drowned durevings. Then she got resuscitated mouth-to-mouth.

-Topi Pitkänen

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