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From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 06:01:27 -0800 (PST)

> > That's what I mean. They are different, but their
> > myths got mixed-up (Raven) in some Jaldon related
> > event so that it is now difficult to distinguish
> > what one did from what the other does.
> I don't think confusion among real-world players of
> HeroQuest about whether Jaldon is an incarnation of
> Tada or Waha indicates a confusion among Praxians on
> the matter. The Waha Khans know that Jaldon is a
> path
> of Waha.

Neanderthal are a kind of men and Cro-Magnon are a kind of men, but they are not intermixed (according to science). Yet, in Myth field, we've always "known" that Neanderthals are pre-homo sapiens sapiens. They are ancient and they look like cavemen and resemble monkeys to our eyes more than men.
What I mean is that even if Waha Khans know something (in mythic terms), that does not mean it is the only explanation possibile.  

> I am certain. Tada is not an ancestor of the
> Praxian
> nomads. He's someone else's ancestor.

And why not both things? Genert is dead, but Tada is not. So, if his mythic path is still known, Tada "is" a sort of resident Praxian Spirit, while Genert is not.

> > White Bull spirit is connected to the Harmony
> > prophecy and even Pavis "strove" for Harmony.
> Godlearner.

:) Spiritlearner.  

> I don't follow this at all. I don't think there is
> a
> significant trickster story here. The White Bull
> spirit is an animal of prophecy that portends an
> avoidable doom. Unifying the tribes is its first
> step; casting out the outlanders is the second.
> Argrath White Bull is his tool.

What's the difference between WB agenda and Jaldon agenda and Waha agenda (for that matter?)? None. Only methods changes:
Tada uses his magic, Waha uses his and Jaldon uses both and a bit more.
Argrath is a willing tool, because as a Heortling he wants to cast out the Lunar outlanders first.  

> I don't think Jaldon is half Oasis People. He's
> certainly no Oasis People hero. Do you have a
> source
> for this?

No, but maybe Daniel has a source that denies this possibility.

> > Maybe my analogy is completely false, but I have
> not
> > found something really better to portray ancient
> > Prax culture than these sort of sources.
> No, it sournds pretty interesting as an analogy.
> Some
> of the events are backwards. And Tada is not the
> ancestor of the nomads -- Storm Bull is. Tada is
> someone else's ancestor.

Yet Storm Bull (as an ancestor) is defiant. I read something yesterday, in the HQ book, that might be related to this discussion.
Since a shaman has a fetch, he can know two practice secrets even if this is a contradiction to the general rules of magic.
Inferentially, I say that Shamans are somehow bivalent in their correlation to the Other side.

What if Jaldon (the first Jaldon in Pavis period) were a Praxian quester who incarnated (or was possessed by) a proto-Jaldon shaman spirit who knew the secret relationship between Waha and Tada (similar to Wilbur Smith's secret correlation between middle kingdom egypt last dinasty and new kingdom egypt first dinasty)?
This Proto-Jaldon Shaman Spirit (born before Dawn) could well be imagined as an animal (Jaldon's steed) or as a Giant-shaman (housed by Jaldon's teeth) that historical Jaldon met near the Plateau of Statues (a place I incidentally imagine similar to Abu-Simbel or Fayum but you are not obliged to do the same;)).

Daniel, are you there?


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