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Ian Cooper

> I have not seen an 'official' DP map that has the
> tribes in it before Barbarian Adventures. (The one
> from the boardgame did not - and some aspects of
> Wilm's geography like the Kerospine is a little off
> with what we know now). What product did it appear in?

Just possibly a Son of Sartar APA publication of Greg's, hardly any product. However, it is a map by Greg's hand, assigning specific Dragon Pass boardgame hexes to Sartarite tribes. More likely some of the "regional expert" stuff I discussed a few years ago in a smaller, private forum.

> There are many unofficial maps. Many contain
> errors/misunderstandings/misinterpretations (tribal
> areas in Dragonewt lands and Dwarf run, the Balmyr in
> what is Colymar territory etc.)

Out of interest, which maps had these features? Not the Walter Moore maps in Tales/Questlines, for sure.

> Hopefully DP has made some of those clear.

Except for minor quibbles elsewhere and the Balmyr move, DP has corroborated all the useful prior stuff, official or not, quite splendidly.

>>#10 ... is not consistent with the view of Boldhome
>>(p45) which has the Balmyri bordering the Quivini
>>mountains (ie - north of Wilsmkirk).

> I had not seen that map and was using Barbarian
> Adventures as the authoratitive Hero Wars era source.

That map basically is a simplified version of Walter Moore's maps for Tales.

> The map on p.45 can be rationlised as pointing in the
> Balmyr's direction.

Basically, the information on the map you assumed as "most official" suffered from crowded text north of Wilmskirk.

> Yes it is an inconsistency, but I
> would not priveldge that map as evidence that DP is
> somehow wrong.

Unless you say "IMG". I think it is an unfortunate interpretation of that map, not wrong, but neither consistent with the better information in earlier sources.

The real surprise for us was to find the Kultain far closer to Whitewall than Wilmskirk in your scheme.

>>I'm not saying that it doesn't work, or cannot work,
>>just that the sources are at best an Orlanthi all.

> Remember YGMV. Other intepretations are possible. We
> just went with what has been established in earlier
> Hero Wars supplements.

Since that info on Dragon Pass locations has been marginal, it's quite hard to contradict much there. There are even II publications (the "Sartar map" from "Hero Wars DeLuxe") which hopefully nobody will use as canon...

>>I'm looking for GAG if at all possible.  If I redo
>>my map, then I'll want to get it right.

> I think YGMV is a better principle than GAG. GAG seeks
> to priviledge certain interpretations; YGMV seeks to
> welcome them all. But that's personal taste.

GAG has the advantage of utility for other campaigns. With YGMV a lot of cool stuff ends up contradicting basic assumptions of other people's campaigns, causing some amount of retrofitting for possible users which may render good material useless. For inclusion in an "independent Gloranthan publication", material ought to be GAG. For my players' eyes only, YGWV does the job.

What we tried to do at the Wilmskirk list called for a certain degree GAG, too - a bunch of potential referees for games in the Wilmskirk region pooled background ideas and material for the other referees to use (and abuse). Modern communication makes such cooperation comparatively easy. Plus there is some additional satisfaction for the referees involved when their material is used outside of their own games.

>>Maybe I'm being dense, but there is nothing in the
>>paragraph that states that Halfort was Balmyri
>>before 1619, just the mines.

> By the letter of the text, sure. But I wanted to be
> clear that I did not suggest the idea. I think the
> idea that of a Kultain fort protecting a Balmyr salt
> mine too stretched. Of course YGMV.

Basically, that's our problem. Our Glorantha does vary...

Not by much, though.

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