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>Thanks Topi, for pointing out that there were other "evil trades"
>documented in DP:LoT; my lot are just going towards Jerra Hill (next
>session) and I have just written something to link in with those details
>in the gazeteer=2E

**Eyes light up**=2E My campaign base (Lagerwater) is just east of Jerra H= ill=2E

Here's the full myth of Jerra, one of the 'three evil trades'=2E


Jerra Hill

Sacred Hill in the Lost Man Wilds

Jerra is the first and greatest of the Three Good Wolf Sisters - Jerra, Taran and Kaldi=2E The sisters protected and nurtured many tribes in the L= ong
Night, animal and human alike, hiding them in their secret den against the=

predations of Uz, Undark and warring gods=2E Jerra, the Wolf Eye Mother, h= eld
powers of seeing=2E Taran, the Wolf Limb Sister, held powers of doing=2E K= aldi,
the Wolf Claw Daughter, held powers of hunting=2E

The sisters' den in the Storm Gors was assailed by the Eat You Army=2E 'I will hunt, for our stomachs are empty', said Kaldi, and her sister Jerra trembled=2E=20

Kaldi went, but did not return=2E=20

'I will seek friends to help us, for our eyes are red with weeping', said Taran, and her sister Jerra trembled=2E=20

Taran went, but did not return=2E=20

The beasts and men within the den grew weak from lack of food=2E Jerra loo= ked
within once more, and trembled=2E The goddess told her many guest-cubs not=  to
stray from the den=2E=20

Jerra went, but did not return=2E=20

Jerra found the god TreeBurner, who still had food, and offered herself as=

his slave=2E The Wolf Sister did not eat the miserable scraps he threw her=

from his table, but rather hid them, and sent them in secret to her den, that the cubs she sheltered might have food=2E=20

A long time had passed since the last sister went out on her journey=2E=20=

Everyone in the den was starving=2E Some, men and beast both, began to eat=

the others=2E These we call the Bad Blood Brotherhood=2E Others said no, f= or we
are guests in this den, and they did not eat the others even though their claws were long, their teeth were sharp and their stomachs were empty=2E T= hey
gnawed on the very rocks to lessen the pangs of hunger=2E These we call th= e
Good Blood Brotherhood=2E

When the food from Jerra arrived, there was enough to survive, though everyone could eat only a single mouthful a year=2E They were luckier than=

their kin outside the den=2E

Now TreeBurner met in secret with Golod Most Ugly, and agreed to hand over=

his slave in return for the EverBlaze Token, which Golod had stolen from the court of the dead Emperor=2E This was one of the 'Three Evil Trades'=2E=  It
is a shameful thing=2E=20

Nothingness and Emptiness and Darkness grew stronger=2E Golod devoured poo= r
Jerra, all save her bones, which were stone, and her middle eye, which was=

holy and so burned his mouth=2E The evil god was himself eaten by Gash Gra=

Nak, for these were the worst of the Hungry Times=2E=20

In the Silver Age, the Wild Lady whose Name is Sacred found the miserable survivors in Jerra's den=2E She chose two of each of the Good Blood Brotherhood, male and female, and took them into Vidblain, the forest of the Wide Dark=2E There they survived and multiplied, and are the ancestors=  of
all the beast tribes of our land=2E

Kaldi's bones became the hill called Huntress Blessing, and it is sacred t= o
man and to beast=2E Taran's bones became the hill called Seekers Gift, and=  it
is sacred to man and to beast=2E The place where Golod Most Ugly spat out Jerra's bones and eye is called GoodMother, the Hill of Jerra, and it is sacred to man and beast and god=2E On that rocky height a priestess may se= e
with Jerra's Eye, she may know the future of her clan, though it make her tremble=2E Lagerwater stead guards its approaches=2E =20

Jerra's Den is known to the sons and daughters of the Lady, to the hunters=

of our land=2E It is a secret place in the Lost Man Wilds - there are countless bones there, and you can see the toothmarks of many beasts upon the rocks=2E=20

Jonstown Triads, Orlanthi Mythology=2E

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