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Dear Joerg:

Excuse me, I am currently busy for schedule.....

> >>I'm looking for GAG if at all possible. If I redo
> >>my map, then I'll want to get it right.
> > I think YGMV is a better principle than GAG. GAG seeks
> > to priviledge certain interpretations; YGMV seeks to
> > welcome them all. But that's personal taste.

> GAG has the advantage of utility for other campaigns. With YGMV a lot of
> cool stuff ends up contradicting basic assumptions of other people's
> campaigns, causing some amount of retrofitting for possible users which
> may render good material useless. For inclusion in an "independent
> Gloranthan publication", material ought to be GAG. For my players' eyes
> only, YGWV does the job.
> What we tried to do at the Wilmskirk list called for a certain degree GAG,
> too - a bunch of potential referees for games in the Wilmskirk region
> pooled background ideas and material for the other referees to use (and
> abuse). Modern communication makes such cooperation comparatively easy.
> Plus there is some additional satisfaction for the referees involved when
> their material is used outside of their own games.

I find another interesting topic, conflict of YGWV and GAG, but I want to remain this topic at least for now.

> Unless there were very binding reasons, these patchworks may have
> re-formed via treaties etc. to grow into more coherent parts over time.

In RW, it might be, but in Glorantha, phenomenon isn't always similar to that of RW. Magic controls culture. Orlanthi is turbulent coherently.

> On the other hand, I come from a land which historically has been just
> such a patchwork of lands, and in cases where a formerly dominant tribe
> was pushed out of large parts of their territory they may have held on to
> a few magically defended places.

Maybe Grizzly Peak for Stravuli is good example.

> > I can't find the information about why "Orvantes" was replaced to
> > Sedenorvuli, see Storm Tribe.
> The Sedenorvuli lived north of Shadow Plateau, on Sedenorshill (not on any
> map) which was known for dolmen. This makes it likely that they occupied
> Beast Valley before the Remakers changed that place. See below
> (Orgorvaltes).

Thank you for the information, I will put it to my note on next chance, but I am still not sure why its name isn't appeared as one of Summer / Winter / Star tribes and suddenly appeared as one of Heort's tribes.

> > #Liornvuli (aka Island Tribe, Kordros Isle, descent from Lastralgortelli
> > (it
> > contradicts JR's note in Enclosure, in his note, it is from Kodigvari))
> > See Boarford, Stampede (p.30), Kaufonstead, Kordros Island)
> Liornvuli (and IIRC Forosilvuli) from Lastralgortelli is correct.

Greg might change his mind again if he read this thread...:-) You are right about Liornvuli (for latest Greg told so in DPG), but Forosil (Founder of Forosil-) was husband of Ornore Koroldottir (Jeff Richard).

> I have a very personal reason to be curious about the fate of Jorganos the
> Archer.

I know it.

> The alternative is the "christian" birth during travel.

I can't understand what you mean? Did you tell me about Christ's birth in a stable? Or his parents fled to Egypt?

> > #Garanvuli (Syphon River region)
> > Heroes: Jan Ironclad, King Orvis
> > See Janfjord (Jan), Orvistula (Orvis)
> The original Heortlanders of Vingkotling times. Their southern neighbors
> may have been Pelaskites or Durevings who later were adopted by the
> Ingareens of God Forgot.
> I don't know why Terra doubts their Vingkotling nature on his website (see
> above). Already then clans may have formed to wander off and settle new
> territories, or reclaim old ones.

Sorry, I forgot to replace my older note (it was mostly written before reading DPG), see again here.

> There needn't have been a great difference between Vingkotling and
> Dureving tribes, either, with clans possibly quite freely able to change
> allegiance. The Durevings seem to have had less of a royal tradition than
> the Vingkotlings, but otherwise had much the same culture and deities, and
> all the racial characteristics, too. Some Helering clans appear to have
> joined Vingkotling tribes, too; at least they may appear among the
> Heortling tribes at the Dawn.
Yeah, I know my assumption based on very simplified status as far as I can expect, and I have had it for territories of Mythic Age Clans and tribes, like Hurt Everything Clan or Mark on the Barks Clan, Death is Life clan etc..... maybe new tradetalk issues of 1st Age will tell us something...?

> > Umm, I cannot remember or find the reason why Stravulstead should not be
> > called Iliastead before Firstbloods....?
> Check the Black Dragon text in the Known True Dragons box, page 23: It ate
> all of the EWF era Ialos tribe when it devoured the greatest city of the
> Pass region - presumably at Kordros Island, which offers itself for great
> cities.

Do you mean Ilias = Ialos? I can't believe it.



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