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From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 03:37:39 -0800 (PST)

Hello there,

have you read Timeline by Michael Crichton?

There, interdimensional voyage is explained in a mythical way.
The myth referred to is the (modern) myth of Quantum Physics (pls, you resident maths and physics experts, pass over my horrible terminology...).

Quantum Physics Myth makes interdimensional
(theoretically) and time voyage (substantially, for
plot's sake) possible, actual, central to Timeline TM
(the book, the movie etcetera).

Clear up to now? Please follow up a bit more.

In my Glorantha, as you know, I have this Astronaut.

Now, there is my question (please bear me, friends!): If you had to imagine in canon/published Glorantha a place/culture where and when something comparable to Quantum Physics Myth ā la Timeline TM has been already discovered, what would it be?

The Mostali? (obvious answer)
The Zistorites?
The ZZaburites?
The Knowledgists?

Could it be, simply, Leonardo the Scientist of God Forgot Island?

I make this hypothesis, because IMG I have theorized that a lot of RW history people have "fallen" to Glorantha, from time to time:
frex Leonardo da Vinci, Emilio Salgari (my personal favourite), one Napoleon-in-Egypt Savant person
(called Alfious or Alphonse), a Teutonic Knight, a
Mongol of Gengis Khan horde, maybe even Niccolō Machiavelli!

Now, this John Lawson Deckart Astronaut is a player's hero and the problem is that The Player stated his hero's goal is "Return to Earth"!

I can answer this question in a number of ways (as you have creatively and courteously suggested to me in these past years) but I'd like to answer in a auto-conclusive way, referring to a "first fallen" person from Earth, sort of "primal sinner" myth, if you get what I mean.

I (and the player too) am trying to find the source of the Dimensional Trap that captured the RW terrestrials in the various eras and I'm curious to know if anyone in this great list can point me to "consistent" solutions.
Myths are internally cosistent, after all, so My Glorantha "Land of Myth" should supply to the astronaut an internally consistent solution. The player has ideas that match my own (roughly) but after several years of gaming we are still uncertain about the course to take to help John accomplish his goal and Return to Earth.


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