[Glorantha]Re: the map (as if we discuss anything else)

From: Douglas Seay <douglas-seay_at_nc.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:44:01 -0500

"Guy Hoyle" <ghoyle1_at_airmail.net> wrote:
> Douglas Seay said:

>>> Sorry if that seems a bit out of context.  I ment to send it to the
>>> wilmskirk group at yahoo, not to the digest.

> Just how many Gloranthan groups are there at Yahoo? Does each city or
> tribe have one?

It is the only one I know of, although a search for "glorantha" at yahoo =

groups does turn up 25 matches.

In 2000/2001 there was group of us discussing things in the south. I am =

interested in the Kultain tribe, Otto Lepp=E4 was interested in the=20 Balmyr, and J=F6rg Baumgartner seems to be interested in just about=20 everything. It think it got up to 5 or 6 regulars, and sending color=20 coded HTML email was getting to be too much of a pain, so we created a=20 group at yahoo.

It's activity is pretty bursty, and there has been a lot since the new=20 map came out. It seems to us that the southern tribes got moved around, =

particularly the Balmyr who used to be presented as being north of=20 Wilmskirk. Lately the discussion has migrated to "How fluid are tribal=20 boundaries" in that most of us had been thinking that tribes were=20 relatively compact and contiguous, and now we're getting into "detached=20 parishes" and whatnot.

Anyone is welcome to sign up or browse the archives.

PS: It was mentioned at Lokarnos back in May.=20 http://lokarnos.com/article.pl?sid=3D03/05/23/1114230

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