Re: [Glorantha]When heroquests go too good

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 19:03:09 GMT

In message <> Chris Graham writes:
>Just thought about it there's always the danger of failure with dire
>consequences. However, what happens when you beat your enemies and
>complete tasks too good. I was thinking about the path of making the
>storm tribe by Orlanthi in the game King of Dragon Pass. Yeah all well
>and good you beat off the trolls (do it really well and could this avoid
>major troll attacks in the future). However, there's a part of the path
>where you win by seducement. You could go over the top with the seducement
>and end up practically raping the opponent. Pure speculation this could
>range from increasing your ability to sway persons thoughts of you to
>turning you into a broo (rape and all that). Anybody else have any
>thoughts on being too successful on a heroquest. Yeah, also the Hill
>of Gold quest for yelmalio.

How do you get a very successful seduction as anywhere near rape? I would expect being too sucessful would involve the seduced determined to create a long term relationship irrespective of the seducers intent. In fact the questor might return from the heroplane to find themselves legally married.

Yelmalio's Hill of Gold HQ is a bit different in that the questor must be defeated to follow the quest correctly. Succeeding at a station where you should fail means the carry forward is a penalty for success. ISTR there was an example in the original Hero Wars book but I can't find one in HQ.

Donald Oddy

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