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Greetings to Observers of the Glorantha Trading Association. In the throes of winter, All hope for an early Spring. Hail to Elmal and the Torch Gifts. Gather 'round the coals and hearken to the word on Glorantha, Issaries Inc., its partner publishers, and GTA activity. Welcome new members in from the cold; thanks again to those who contribute their hidden stores that the Tribe may survive another season of darkness.

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Herein you'll find tales about:

	Heroes, Dragons, and More Heroes
	Coming Soon
	Gloranthan Art Competition
	And Speaking of Contests
	Best of Glorantha 2003
	GTA Membership Update
	Spoken Words from Issaries
	Virtual Scrolls -- PDFs Galore
	HeroQuestions Answered!
	We'll Be At Dundracon, Will You?
	The Latest on (Other) Conventions
	Gloranthan Licenses: Withered Vines and New Growth
	A Partnership: Issaries and the RHQN
	Short Takes
	Quick Plugs
	Parting Shot

Three great things since the last Tales: Hero's Book in October; Dragon Pass at the beginning of December; and Masters of Luck and Death should be arriving in stores now! Detail on Gloranthan Goodies provided by Stephen Martin:

Mark Galeotti's HERO'S BOOK is a quick start guide to the world of HeroQuest and its rules. The first half includes character creation, contests and the like, theist magic, and an introduction to play. The second half outlines Heortlings and Lunars -- their lifestyles, cultures, and gods, with 6 pre-generated characters and a sample hero band for each.

	Hero's Book, Playing in the Hero Wars
	Product Number ISS 1002.
	ISBN 1-929052-13-8.
	64 pages, standard format, $12.95.

Now out is DRAGON PASS: LAND OF THUNDER details the lands, myths, and history of Dragon Pass, the heart of Glorantha. Much in this gazetteer is new, thanks to Ian Cooper's inspired mining of Greg's writings and compilation of works from other Gloranthan luminaries to form the definitive record of Kerofinela. With it is Wesley Quadros' stunning and information-packed full-color map of the region. This books' stunning artwork includes new pieces by legendary artist William Church.

	Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder (A Gazetteer to Kerofinela)
	Product Number ISS 1502.
	ISBN 1-929052-18-9.
	72 pages, standard format, $22.95.
	Includes an 11" x 17" full-color map.

The newest book is just out! MASTERS OF LUCK AND DEATH collects hero bands gathered and edited by Stephen Martin. Here is 'something for every purpose' -- 27 groups who might be encountered in Dragon Pass (and beyond), from Teshnan dancers to Orlanthi rebels, Lunar missionaries to Grazer warriors. Included are a few old favorites such as the Temple of the Wooden Sword and Geo's Inn, others that until now have just been given passing mention like the lofty Comet Seers, and many that are completely new.

	Masters of Luck and Death, Hero Bands for the Hero Wars
	Product Number ISS1303.
	ISBN 1-929052-17-0.
	72 pages, standard format, $15.95.

Glorantha lovers will find more great books in 2004, says acquisitions editor Mark Galeotti:

The third volume in the Sartar Rising scenario arc, GATHERING THUNDER, is due in April. The Empire has been hurt, but not defeated. The rebels must quickly find new allies and magics if they are to stand any chance of defeating the Empire's latest stratagem, the construction of a new Temple of the Reaching Moon to bring all of Dragon Pass under the Glowline. This book culminates in the epic Boatraising, as heroes accompany Kallyr herself on a mighty heroquest to reshape the skies. This book is currently in final editing.

The second volume of the Imperial Lunar Handbook, UNDER THE RED MOON, should come with midsummer. Long-awaited, it studies the Lunar Way and provides players and narrators with more information on Lunar politics, philosophy, and perspectives than has ever been dreamed of. Included are a huge array of magical keywords: from familiar aspects of the Moon Herself to new gods as Grim UrGethru, regimental deity of the 2nd Household Foot; and Borovich of Derfik, the experimental heroquester. This book is almost ready for final editing.

This Fall should see publication of THE WORLD OF GLORANTHA, a 64 page book by Mark Galeotti. Issaries aims to set out the essentials of Glorantha, a world still wide open for adventure and fun while full of rich and intricate plots, creeds, and cultures. This will be an introductory work that provides enough basic information for play without burying the novice under a deluge of detail.

No mere reprint of Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars, The World of Glorantha gives players and narrators alike a fresh look at the ancient world of Glorantha. Each section focuses on the upcoming great events of the Hero Wars and how they affect the lands and people of Glorantha, both near and far. Several plots, conspiracies, and struggles are revealed for the first time in this book. Each 2-page spread also has a "cool box" that will discuss some interesting subject related to that spread -- and again, we are not just be rehashing old information here. The Spirit Mountains of Kimos, hidden secrets of the Blue Moon Plateau, and the War for the Center are just a few of the subjects brought to light in this book. A tentative table of contents is available at
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/1105.html>, which will be updated
from time to time.

Rolling Along...
Later but "on the list" are MEN OF THE SEA: SAILING THE SEAS OF GLORANTHA (the player's book for sailors) and LORDS OF THE WEST, VOLUME 1: HEIRS OF MALKION (an overview of the West linking to ILH-1). Work also continues on DRAGONRISE (Sartar Rising, Volume 4) and several other player's books, see <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/future-plans.html> for a summary. For these, no schedule can yet be meaningful.

Another artistic venture, presented by acquisitions editor Mark Galeotti:

Delighted by the art competition for the Imperial Lunar Handbook, Issaries asks what might the Gloranthan Tribe do with a wider canvas. To answer that question, we offer a new competition for illustrations in The World of Glorantha.

We want to see distinctive but everyday artifacts and symbols of the cultures and peoples of Glorantha, not vignettes or great tableaux. Send in relatively small black line drawings of things like statues and seals, pots and plows, knives and necklaces, swords and scroll-tubes, coins and combs, and all the other impedimenta of daily life. Ultimately, we are looking for well-drawn pictures that not only look good but that also illustrate something about the culture or religion of some part of Glorantha. For an idea of the areas of Glorantha that the book will cover, See

Read the rules at <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/contest_1105.html>=20 carefully,
as submissions that do not conform will automatically be disqualified.

Deadline for entry is March 31, 2004, and as before all entries become the property of Issaries, Inc. One or more winning entries will be included in The World of Glorantha; each winning artist will receive credit and a contributor copy of the book. We will announce the winner in a GTA Dispatch and on the web site. Illustrations may also be used on the Issaries website, or in future books (with due credit and contributor copies).

More on the latest contest from Stephen Martin. Remember: if you enter contests like these you need to include your full name and mailing address, and don't mix other correspondence with a contest entry. Otherwise your entry may be ignored.

Old Business: Something for Everyone, HEROFORMING Issaries received 17 submissions from 8 contestants for the Heroforming contest. Overall, they are probably the best crop of competition entries=  yet.
(Does this reflect how much fun character generation can be in HeroQuest?) And what mysterious reason is behind so many of the submitted heroes having "strands of silver in dark hair"?. Great job, all! Here are the winners:

	1st Place: PARMAL CANDEL, by Bradley "Brand" Robins, which was among
	the Top Five of all of the judges.

	2nd Place tie: CHOLARA (by Matthieu Vall=E9e) and LLYWEL TATHAN (by
	Bradley "Brand" Robins) as each appeared in four out of five judges'
	Top Five lists.

Completed character sheets will be available for the three winners soon at
<www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/sample-heroes.html>. (Additional heroes will
follow as Issaries volunteer Dave Camoirano has time.) Issaries will send Brand and Matthieu each a copy of Hero's Book.

Nearly New Business: HEROIC TALES Competition Winners, from Newt Newport:

The judges for the Ring of HeroQuest Narrators have convened to announce:

	1st Place: "The Knight of Ghosts and Shadows" by Bradley "Brand"
	Robins, who received Dragon Pass as his prize;

	2nd Place: "Chef of Iron" by Guy Hoyle, who received the Lunar
	Empire map;

	3rd Place: "What Child is This?" by Harald Smith, who received a
	copy of Hero's Book;

Honorable mention goes to James Frusetta (aka Jamuz) for a last minute=  attempt
to swamp the completion with "Uz Tales" :)

Thanks to all the entrants. It really has been fun and a pleasure to read=  all
your entries. Even though the competition is now over we are still accepting submissions and the section will be updated on a monthly basis. To read=  these
(and all the other entries), visit <www.rhqn.com>.

The winners of the last GTA Observers drawing were Graham James and Barale-Thomas. They each received a copy of HeroQuest.

As usual, the next Observer drawing starts immediately. This time, Issaries is donating two copies of Masters of Luck and Death! Twenty-seven hero bands chock full of new and old favorites, this is Stephen's personal favorite of all Issaries books, past or present. On March 1st, Issaries will select two non-paid GTA observers at random from the entrees received by midnight PST=  on
Leap Day: February 29, 2004. (Please remember to include OBSERVER CONTEST in the subject line.)

If you know someone who would like to keep up on all happenings Gloranthan, and maybe score a free prize sometime, have them contact us at
<gta_at_glorantha.com> so that we can add them to the list of Observers. Or=
send them to <http://www.rpglist.org/mailman/listinfo/gta-observer> to add themselves!)

Voting is now open for the Best of Glorantha 2003! We got a jump on the=20 process
this year, so nominations are actually done! Go to
<www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/gta/best2003.html> for more information.

As before, the Best of Glorantha 2003 recognizes the finest current efforts to further Glorantha and HeroQuest. If you want to get in on the process,=  you
still have time: join the GTA as an initiate or other paid member before the February 15 deadline and you will be able to vote, too! Go to
<www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/gta> for more information on the GTA and the Best of
Glorantha awards.

The ever growing GTA Tribe welcomes newcomers. Currently the GTA has 2=20 Demi-Gods,
36 Heroes, 46 Runemasters, and 178 Initiates, for a total of 262 members=20 (surely
that is a mystical number?). There are also over 800 Observers. If you know anyone else who might want to join the Glorantha Tribe, have them contact=  us.

        New Initiates: Gerald Bosch, Tanner Critz, Frederic Dumont, Rob Heinsoo.

The hero bands are gathering for war, and although most of the tribe has responded to the call, some renowned members have failed to show. Without=20 them,
the bands are seriously understrength. If you know of a working email for=20 any of
the following GTA members, please send it to <gta_at_glorantha.com> or ask=20 them to
contact us:

	Britt Daniel	Michael Hill	Brian Isikoff
	Al Petterson	Michael Pose	Phil Posehn
	Andrew Reichart	Dom "Thazar" Twist
	Don Walli	Michael Zaitz

We have names but no good email addresses for several anonymous members,=20 too (a
heroquester can never be too careful, after all). Unless you keep your=  contact
information current, if you are an anonymous member you will regularly miss= =20
on PASSWORD DISTRIBUTIONS, special offers, and all sorts of insider stuff.= =20
if you are not an anonymous member you may miss out, as the repeat=  appearances
of some of the above names shows.

SPOKEN WORDS FROM ISSARIES: EVENT LIAISONS The last couple of years have been a time of change for Issaries, so=20 convention
and demonstration support has been less than hoped. Issaries staff simply=20 had to
focus first on core business needs like getting product out, and so did not= =20
time or energy for events that they deserved. With the release of=20 HeroQuest, the
consolidation of our product line, and the great proselytizing work by many, Issaries can now improve the situation.

We are pleased to say that, following our link-up with the SJG Men In Black program, see <http://www.sjgames.com/mib/>, Issaries is now putting its=20 support
for demonstration games at conventions and stores on a new footing by=20 appointing
two new Event Liaisons. Paul 'Newt' Newport, leading light behind the RHQN,= =20
stalwart champion Roderick Robertson will be stepping forward as=20 UK/European and
North American Liaisons, respectively.

Roderick and Newt will coordinate Issaries and HeroQuest promotion in the=20 world
at large. Although the exact responsibilities will be announced at greater= =20
in the near future, their basic goal is to help bring awareness of=20 HeroQuest and
Glorantha to as many people as possible, with an eye towards convincing=20 them that
they must go out and buy all of our products! They will receive requests=  from
conventions for support and send appropriate materials, coordinate=20 demonstrations
for conventions and game stores, and work with the Men In Black (of which=  both
are members). While we expect all official demo work to take place under the auspices of the MIB program, Newt and Roderick are your first points of=20 contact
if you want to learn more about demonstrating HeroQuest, even if you have no plans to join the MIB.

Roderick and Newt are seeking individuals now to run HeroQuest games both locally and at larger conventions, and can be reached at=20

Narrators are encouraged to join the Men In Black so that they can receive direct rewards for their work. However, this is not required, and we plan to offer support material to anyone who wants to play or promote HeroQuest.

SPOKEN WORDS FROM ISSARIES: FAN SUBMISSION COORDINATOR Issaries is also pleased to announce that all-around stand-up guy Nick Eden= =20
accepted the job of being the coordinator for fan submissions to the=  Issaries
web site. He will be the first to look at submissions, and will work with=  the
author if the submission has any problems. We're happy to have him aboard!

Nick will also be overseeing the conversion of all of the existing fan submissions from Hero Wars to HeroQuest -- now that HeroQuest is out, some=  of
the material on <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com> needs an update. You can help Nick= =20
if you have fan contributions on the site (see
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/hw/fan_list.html> for a list), we would=20
it if you could review them and update them according to the HQ conversion= =20
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/HQConversion.pdf> where necessary.=20
And if
you just want to lend a helping hand, email Nick at=20

and offer to help convert other material (such as the old RQ scenarios).=20 And, of
course, we continue to seek submissions of keywords, scenarios, and other support material for HeroQuest. New templates will be up soon, so start=  typing!

SPOKEN WORDS FROM ISSARIES: ISSARIES SEEKS A MERCHANDISER Mark Galeotti adds that he needs a volunteer to take over the Issaries=20 CafePress
stores. Issaries plans to streamline the stores for fewer, more substantial overhauls of the goods available. So this task will require work only a few= =20
each year.

What Issaries needs is someone familiar enough with Paint Shop, Photoshop,= =20
or a
similar graphics tool to put the images together, colorize images when appropriate, and generally create interesting art and merchandise.

(Professional experience in graphic design or marketing is NOT required!)=  This
volunteer also needs access to the internet to upload the images and manage= =20
stores. As well as the heartfelt thanks of Issaries and the occasional=20 perk, the
volunteer would also be able to purchase CafePress goods at a discounted=  rate.

If you are interested, send an email telling Issaries why you are the right person for the job to <cafepress_at_glorantha.com>.

Stephen Martin tells us about the many PDFs available for HeroQuest Support:

GAME AIDS FROM HEROQUEST (pages 268-275) are available for download in PDF= =20
at <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/GameAids.pdf>. And now, they are available in booklet form as well, at
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/GameAidsBooklet.pdf> -- formatted by=
Haag so that it can be printed and then stapled in a convenient booklet=20 form. We
hope to see more of Viktor's rearrangements soon! Thanks, Viktor.

HEROQUEST CONVERSIONS show how compatible Hero Wars and HeroQuest are: both= =20
the same core rules mechanic yet they are different games in many ways. Yet Issaries claims that all of their old supplements remain fully compatible=  with
the new rules! How compatible they are can be judged by looking at the "Hero Wars to HeroQuest Conversion" files, which went online at the end of last=  year
but now are available in PDF form. Ranging from guidelines on converting=20 heroes
to the welcome information that no conversions are needed for some books,=20 these
notes by Dave Camoirano, Roderick Robertson, and Stephen Martin are=20 available at <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/HQConversion.pdf>.

By now, everyone should have heard that HEROQUEST VOICES is at last=  available
as a single download. Both screen resolution and print quality versions of= =20
seminal Gloranthan document are available from Pen & Paper; for more=20 information
or to link, go to <http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/3001.html>. And=  soon,
it will be available in one of Viktor's booklet version as well!

Need to teach Heroquest? Use a HEROQUEST DEMO! Since HeroQuest has shipped,= =20
is the time to spread the word. And Jeff Kyer can help. Developed for Steve Jackson Games' "Men In Black" demo program, Jeff has written a "how to"=  manual
for teaching HeroQuest to both old hands and the uninitiated. "The Taxman Commeth" is a short adventure that contains an outline, a teaching script,=  and
a map of the Tin Inn by Darran Sims, see
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/HeroQuestDemo.pdf>. Combined with
HeroQuest Voices or the sample heroes at <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support> it=  is
almost all you need to teach the game (candies and dice not included).


Issaries is pleased to announce that the HEROQUEST FAQ is finally available=  on
the site. Compiled by Roderick Robertson and Stephen Martin with help from= =20
people, this answers many questions sent to us by fans or brought up on the mailing lists. From hero creation to the sample heroes on the web site, this massive compilation helps to bring a bit more order to the HeroQuest rules.= =20
can see it at <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/hq_faq.html>. (And if you have installed the HeroQuest Core Runes font, it is even better!)

As if that wasn't enough, the HeroQuest Errata has been expanded to correct=  a
few more errors in the rulesbook. Check out the changes at

One of the changes incorporated into both documents involves Natural Magic,=  a
category of ability that has been added to clarify and correct the=  information
in HeroQuest regarding innate abilities (such as the Shapechange to Puma ability of the Puma People). Check it out at

Got even more questions? NARRATOR ADVICE is coming soon, a semi-regular=  column
of advice for narrators (and players) about issues they have had to deal=  with
in play. From "Creating New Keywords" to "Dramatic Use of AP in Contests", these articles will be sure to help everyone's game.

ISSARIES WILL BE AT DUNDRACON, WILL YOU? DunDraCon XXVIII will be held February 13-16 at the San Ramon Marriott=  Hotel,
2600 Bishop Drive, San Ramon, CA 94583. Issaries will definitely be there!

Theo Posselt and Larry Lynch-Freshner will each run part of John Hughes'=  "Bad
Boon Risin / Beak No Evil" scenario on Sunday at 8:00 pm. Take the part of a Lunar army baboon or a Sartarite rebel duck as you clash at a local=20 celebration.
The sessions will be run side-by-side, for 5 players each (pregenerated characters provided). Registration is through normal con reg, so please=20 sign up.

With the passage from RuneQuest to Hero Wars to HeroQuest, many people have found themselves in the world of Glorantha but cut off from former ideas and rules. Stephen Martin and Roderick Robertson of Issaries, Inc., will address this in "WHAT'S UP WITH GLORANTHA?". Learn what has happened, where=  Glorantha
and HeroQuest are going, and how to find happiness with new rules, new gods, new ideas, and new worlds. The seminar will be held at noon on Saturday, February 15. (On Sunday, Stephen will also be sitting on panels on=20 Mythology in
Gaming and Keeping Players Happy, at noon and 2:00pm respectively.)

Read more about the details of DunDraCon <http://www.dundracon.com/> --=20 come by
the seminars, play in a scenario, see Masters of Luck and Death, and get a bunch of free stuff!

 From Stephen Martin and various Convention Coordinators

The first ORIGINS event deadline has come and gone, but we may need=  narrators
to run some of the events we submitted. And there is still time to register your own events. Contact us at <events_at_glorantha.com> if you are planning to attend. Greg Stafford will be there as a guest of honor once again this=  year.

CONTIUUM, the successor to Convulsions, picks up on 23-26 July, in=  Leicester,
UK. Glorantha and HeroQuest will be at the heart of the event, which=  includes
tabletop games, freeforms, seminars, and displays. Luminaries expected include Charlie Krank of Chaosium and Mark Galeotti of The Unspoken Word,=  and
possibly even an official representative from Issaries, Inc. For details, prices, and registration, see <http://www.continuum.uk.net/>.

GENCON INDY (formerly known as just GenCon) will be held August 19-22 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Issaries is seeking individuals to run events for us. We can provide scenarios and prizes, but we need reliable narrators to help bring the Word to those lost in the Darkness that is d20. Email
<events_at_glorantha.com> if you are going and can run one of our events (or
plan to run one of your own).

Issaries has been contacted by several other conventions. Check out the conventions pages at <http://www.glorantha.com/tribes/schedule.html> (for officially sponsored events) and
<http://www.glorantha.com/tribes/events.html> (for other conventions). We=
try to update these regularly.

GLORANTHAN LICENSES: WITHERED VINES AND NEW GROWTH 2003 was, unfortunately, a poor year for some of Issaries' licensees,=  although
there are some promising signs, as reported by Stephen Martin.

Last summer, the head of Issaries' Japanese licensee (Guild Corporation of Japan) retired due to ill health. He has transferred all business interests=  to
ArcLight, thus ending the Japanese Hero Wars license. Although we know that Atelier Third had at least one supplement ready to go, its status (and=  theirs)
is unknown at this time.

As if that was not enough, Multisim was shut down by the French government=  for
financial reasons, thus ending our French license as well.

To top it all off, the licensed Gloranthan Classics miniatures came to their foretold end on December 31st. If you didn't get your sets before then, good luck trying to find them now -- the license requires that the molds be destroyed, so none of these figures will ever again be cast.

However, there is new growth as well. Issaries has finalized an agreement=  with
the creators of The Path of the Damned, so this is now a licensed product.=  We
are very pleased to be associated with such fine talents as Guillermo Ortiz and Mariano Krasmanski.

Additionally, Edge Entertainment tells us that they will be releasing the Spanish language edition of HeroQuest this Spring. The delays in Issaries' publication of the game unfortunately delayed Edge as well, but they now=20 have a
much stronger product to release upon the Spanish market worldwide, with a= =20
range of support products available to them. They have also sponsored a fan group's mailing list and fanzine (see QUICK PLUGS for details). More=20 information
(including the translation's striking cover by Alejandro Ter=E1n) is=20 available at
<http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/foreign.html>. Keep an eye on
<http://www.edgeent.com/hero/wars.htm> for details.

A PARTNERSHIP: ISSARIES AND THE RING OF HEROQUEST NARRATORS HeroQuest is a ground-breaking game, but in today's crowded market-place,=  word
of mouth and demonstration games are often the best way to get newcomers interested in the game and Glorantha. This is why Issaries is happy to work with Steve Jackson Games' Men In Black demo program and also why Issaries is delighted to support the Ring of HeroQuest Narrators.

The RHQN (as it is known) was established by a team of stalwarts from the United Kingdom who have been heroic in their commitment to running HeroQuest at conventions and stores in the UK and Europe: Mick Rowe, Darran Sims, Stuart 'Dr. Moose' Mousir-Harrison, and its supermo, Paul 'Newt' Newport,=  who
is also Issaries' European Event Liaison.

The idea behind the RHQN is to support narrators who are actively playing their part in taking the Gloranthan message to conventions and stores. The idea is not in any way to undermine the MIB program -- quite the opposite, members are encouraged to join the MIBs -- but to provide an additional forum for advice, support, the sharing of draft scenarios, and general=  mutual
assistance. As time goes on, the members hope to expand the types of=  material
available on the site.

The RHQN website at <http://www.rhqn.com> is a great resource for _any_ narrator. It already includes a section of "Heroic Tales" (cameos suitable=  as
the basis for a session's play), and will shortly feature "Locations &=  Lairs"
(interesting and atmospheric locations for play). Before then, however, the RHQN is seeking submissions for "Patrons & Nemeses". They are looking for powerful narrator characters who, in the not-so black and white world of Glorantha, can either be a source of aid and comfort or one of annoyance and pain, depending on how the heroes. Like the Heroic Tales competition, they= =20
award prizes to the top three submissions. See their web site for more=  details.

The RHQN has already lined up events at several conventions, starting with Conceptions 2004 in Dorset UK (which runs from Wednesday March 3rd to Sunday March 7th), a ridiculously inexpensive five-day con. They'll be running many a game of HeroQuest, so head out to the seashore and get in a game!! Other cons which they have confirmed are Beer n Pretzels (Burton-upon Trent, UK -- May), Continuum (Leicester, UK -- July), and Battlemasters (UK --=  September).
More conventions will be confirmed as the year progresses.

Whether you are interested in joining as a member, or simply want to explore the resources available there for narrators, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the RHQN. Contact Newt <Newtiswrong_at_ntlworld.com> if you have any queries or are interested in joining.

Issaries webmaster Nils Weinander reports that once again you can get email notice when a page at <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com> changes. ChangeDetect is a=  free
web page monitoring service which you can use to scan any web page automatically for changes. Go to <www.changedetect.com> to learn more. You= =20
sign up for an account, but the basic service is free of charge.

Ron Edwards had a great article on Thed, Mother of Disease, in the Fall=20 issue of
the online 'zine, Daedalus. Also featured were an interview with Greg=  Stafford
and an article on "The Power of Myth" by Chris Chinn (co-author of "The=20 Well of
Souls" scenario recently announced on the Ring of HeroQuest Narrators=20 website).
Check them out at <http://www.chimera.info/daedalus/>.

Issaries is still looking for some old artists whose works we would like to= =20
again! Anyone who can help locate David Dudley, Jeff Brain, Tom Clark, Steve Oliff, or Dale Enzenbacher would be doing us a big favor by contacting us at
<acquisitions_at_glorantha.com>. (We know Dale Enzenbacher is still local to=
Bay Area, and Steve Oliff is likely in Southern California.)

Two more HeroQuest articles appeared in Pyramid, the online roleplaying=  'zine
from Steve Jackson Games. (You should check it out). First, Mark Galeotti tells of the Kralori Homeland cut from HeroQuest
<http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/login/article.cgi?4223> in the October=
Second, The Two-Times Unfortunate Encyclopedists of Barbaric Deviltry
<http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/login/article.cgi?4346> in the December=
a hero band cut from Masters of Luck and Death because the Kralori homeland was not in HeroQuest. So, what became of the article by Roderick Robertson submitted before either of these?

Remember, Issaries Inc. has closed down its Oakland office and moved to Concord, CA. If you need to contact Issaries, please use only the new=  address
and phone number. Please email <administrator_at_glorantha.com> before you mail something large (like a package or shipment of books!), or if you are=  sending
something you don't trust the post office to deliver safe and unbroken (like a CD), so he can talk to you about an alternative mailing address.

	Issaries, Inc.
	P.O. Box 272914
	Concord, CA  94527-2914
	(925) 680-8897

The SONS OF KARGZANT ride! This eagerly awaited sourcebook on the brutal and fearless Char-Un riders of Erigia will soon be released by The Unspoken=  Word!
Written by Wesley Quadros, Martin Laurie, Simon Bray, Mark Galeotti, and Bradley "Brand" Robins, it is illustrated not only by such stalwarts as Dan Barker, Simon Bray, and Sarah Evans, but also artists new to Glorantha, with distinctive styles of their own. These 64 pages contain keywords, full character generation, a map, gazetteer & bestiary of Erigia, plot hooks and "What the Elder Told Me." On this and other Unspoken Word books, see

Trade Talk #13 "OUTSIDE GENERTELA: THE ISLANDS" is out, and #14 is on the schedule to be "Outside Genertela: The Southern Continent". Submissions are expected from David Dunham, Simon Bray, Martin Hawley & Peter Metcalfe, Andre Jarosch, and Shannon Applecline, among others. Learn about the=  islands,
the war beneath the waves, Harrek's future kingdom and jungle Aldryami, and other secrets. The Chaos Society also reports that the licensed comic book Path of the Damned #3 should be available soon. Other books they are working on include Borderlands Companion (working title of the final "Pavis & Big Rubble Companion"), Ye Booke of Tentacles Vol. VI, and perhaps a follow-up=  to
"The Widow=B4s Tale". Finally, they want to remind everyone that Tentacles=  will
be held at Whitsun from May 28th to 31th. See <www.tradetalk.de> and
<www.tentacles-convention.de> for more information.

How about VISION RUNICA, in Spanish. Issue "0" was published as a PDF in December 2003, a "monograph concerning the Lunar Empire" according to Germ= =E1n
Cantabrana Gonz=E1lez, one of the 'zine's editors. The 64 page fanzine is=  from
the Hispanic Heroquest Official Mailing List (which used to be known as the Glorantha Hispana list) -- all of the text, illustrations, and maps were provided by members of the list, which is supporting and supported by Edge Entertainment, Issaries' Spanish-language licensee for HeroQuest. They hope to produce an issue every 6 months, more or less, and hope to be able to produce print issues in the future. (They hope to release the next issue in May 2004). Check out scenarios, a color map of Ralios, and articles on=  Lalia,
Arkat, Eurmal, and more at <http://www.edgeent.com/hero/fanzine/index.htm>!

And have you seen the dandy new bi-lingual KETHAELA website dedicated to the Holy Country? See <http://kethaela.free.fr/> (French) and
<http://kethaela.en.free.fr/> (English) Wow! Site members have contributed a
set of pictures and descriptions of various Holy Country places. Plus, sites are cross-linked, they have articles for download, and the whole site's look can be customized to match whichever of the Sixths you come from. Well Done! And they even make the effort to translate it all into English, too. Thanks!

Moon Design Publications reports that the fourth (and last) volume of the licensed Gloranthan Classics series, BORDERLANDS AND BEYOND, will be ready for Tentacles 2004 in May at the earliest, or Continuum in July at the=  latest.
It will include the contents of Borderlands, Plunder, and Runemasters, plus=  a
few new bits and pieces, including new art and some unpublished material. Artists who want to help with new artwork are welcome to contact Rick=20 Meints at
<rjmeints_at_aol.com>. Noted artist Dario Corallo is already working on the=20
The book is currently in the layout stage, and will have the same look and= =20
as the previous three volumes. Rick will start taking pre-orders for both softcover and hardcover versions once it has gone to the printers, which=  will
be about a month before it is ready for shipment.

Are you getting daily Glorantha tidbits in your email? If not, check out LOKARNOS (nominated for Best of Glorantha 2003: Best Website) and its=  wonders
at <http://lokarnos.com/start.shtml>, or link to it from the main Glorantha= =20
Truly great reminders of all the online material in internet archives=20 across the
worlds of Glorantha.

Bless those who've produced the marvel that is the gazetteer and map of=20 Dragon Pass:
It gathers the magic of White Bear, Red Moon and decades of an emerging=20 Glorantha's
heart in Kerofinela. Some of us greybeards remember William Church's older graphics, and here are some "new" ones for deja vu. Wander again in your=20 memory and
imagination across these lands and I'll bet you find inspiration for another campaign, another tale, or another heroquest.

I for one find maps the hallmark of inviting Otherness. Stories and=20 statistics are
fine enough, but the invitation to explore, to find out what's "in between"= =20
known and named, lives best in a well made map. The maps appended to the=20 Lord of
the Rings got me started, but my personal adventures still live in Dragon=20 Pass.
The accomplishment here is the collection, including some small differences= =20
what I remember, so much that is new, and lots that I'd forgotten.

Give and Share this book.

Hawkbear a.k.a. Mark Leymaster


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