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Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 10:23:24 -0800

Hello All,

We would like to apologize for, and point out, a couple of errors or ommissions in the recent GTA newsletter.

First, some link errors in the HeroQuest FAQ at
<www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/support/hq_faq.html> have been corrected.

Second, we did not _not_ mean to imply that Mark Galeotti will not be representing Issaries at Continuum this summer, as well as The Unspoken Word. Along with any other II ambassador, he will definitely be representing Issaries and its interests.

Finally, Ron Edwards' insightful article in the Daedelus online zine
<http://www.chimera.info/daedalus/> was of course about _Malia_, Mother of
Disease, not Thed.

Thanks to Nick Brooke for pointing out these errors.



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