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Kralorelan Mandala

I have tried to apply my view about Mandala and Tibetan Cosmology into Kralorela.... (see My page article:
http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/TantricKralorela-e.htm )

Mark Galeotti keeps attitude to take gaming accessibility to small community
(like small village in HQV) prior to Cosmology, if you want to induce
metaphysicality to the scheme, you might want to track down his effort and to make compromise between Greg's Kralorela as a spot of "Unorthodox" Mysticism in RM and Mark's "Theistic" Kralorela. You can alter or reject freely my POV according to your preference, or simply treat it as minority but still important part of Kralori cosmology. (And I have some note of Peter Metcalph about diverted sects of each DEs.)

What is Mandala?
If you let me treat Orlanth as an example, I want to divide him into Three Parts, (not Orthodox Allfather, Adventurous and Thunderous) but Great Orlanth, Orlanth Manifesting and Orlanth with Personality. If I can apply him a mandala, Great Orlanth can be identified with whole of it (nearly impossible to comprehend it.), Manifesting Orlanth might be equated with Main Entity of the Mandala, and each of minor existences (which might be aspects of Great Orlanth, or his sons, Thunder Brothers...) isn't able to go beyond the boundary of the picture, but still holds some personality. Manifesting Orlanth with Personality can by identified with ordinary farmer, loving his wife, met life3 crisis for made a mistake by killing the King of Fire tribe, so traveled to mend it...

Maybe Kralori dragon emperors are equated with each of such mandala types whole, but perhaps you want to ask me, "Where are dragons?" if I try to divert RW tibetan mandala. Maybe my answers is they are some kind of iconoclasts, and they refuse to depict emperors as big lizards, considering it as blasphemy of FDR and Godlearnish (Worst type of foreigner...) way to make a part as whole, but if you want to (and able to) draw original Kralori mandala by yourself decorated with many lizards (with some exception of Naga King and the Prince, etc...), I hesitate to deny your idea. Religious Diversity should be encouraged, if political unity doesn't need such...I think each of exarchs and archexarchs are minor figures of such mandalas, set with both symbolically and represent manifesting power of avatars, and good but still half-enlightened gods of Vithela might be put on corner of mandala....

(Though in my personal preference, I like stoic and colored with moderate
skepticism of Zen Buddhism paradox rather than too super-metaphysical Yoga Sutra and flesh-loving hatha yogic practice....)

Maybe exceptionally in this mandala, all of previous DEs as minor figures of TGH mandala...(No one remembers how it was his teaching, (as Ooduren's teaching of Vithela.) Though he might be equated with Vith by GLs, I think he might be identified with Cosmic Dragon and / or Durapdur.) His mandala might be called Mandala transcending One?

Maybe in his mandala, minor entities are replaced by impersonal names of Cosmic Order...each of them in later mandala equated with the position of each exarchs and arch exarchs....(I assume dualistically, type 1 & 2 represent the two aspects of Cosmos, Time and Space as in Japanese Mantranaya sect....

3Metsyla & 4Shavaya
Eagle Phoenix of Abzered, First and Last human Emperor of Kerendaruth....Not draconic, so maybe not drawn as the Whole or Main Entity of Mandala. (though they might be any of each minor personas....) But culturally from their reigns, foundation of Kralorela began. So for majority worship to them as emperors are okay, as that of Johannes the Baptist in Christianity. According to Alex Ferguson, teaching of NyangMao preceded that of Daruda (I am not sure these are from Vithelan Mysticism, or not), even though I feel uncomfortable to the idea that this Jainistic teaching of former directly related to latter.. Maybe at their reign, concept of Centralised Government
(Imperial Court?) derived from the relative difficulty of life in north
without unity (like need of irrigation) and Kahar's skeptical and practical attitude to Otherworld. "So what?" I have some image of Zhou Dynasty, that was later idealised by Confucius...)

(Example, Tibetan Mandala....)

Though he didn't leave any canon (for Unified Kralori character didn't appear until reign of Mikaday (made it) and Vayobi (unified and conquered) as great RW founders of religion, like Christ or Sakyamuni, and I suppose memory of his teaching left many diversed sects which had contradict opinion of their mentor even if they all agreed he was a sort of Mahayana Bodhisattva. (But not relatively, not so brutally opposed each other: Greg Stafford) So maybe he didn't draw any own mandala by himself, at least not in form available for later age, (maybe sandpainting?) But I don't want to refuse later age Kralori believe they found his own, (or just makeup or invent own mandala....) I think his mandalas heavily influenced by Vithelan Gaudy Painting, and characters are drawn as fluid, similar to Spirit World.

Though I suppose neither Peter nor Greg approve my idea, for Daruda first induced mainstream draconism of Kralorela. And modern Kralori teaching is theistic according to Mark's note. But I still cling to the idea that Daruda's catalyst of teaching is derived from ShanShan Korgatsu Hsunchen...later it might be related to Kundalini = Dogsalu by applying Vithelan Concept. (See my note about Chakra and Kundalini)

Negative reaction to Vithelan Influence (Daruda's teaching?), mainly derived from Centric Culture., over-intellectualism of Alchemist Emperor? As brithini atheists, I think he didn't reject the entities of Otherworld, but denied the importance to worship them. (I assume mandala painting art is actually started from his reign, but it might be similar to RW Pakua related drawings (I can't put up the chinese pronunciation of ka-to ("River Map") and raku-sho ("River Text") now....it is similar to numerical mysticism drawing of RW Pythagoreans.) Maybe his mandala holds only Sacred (Sanskrit?) Characters replacing human and worshipable entities of other mandalas, (put on Example of RW, I think his sorcerous notion somewhat exploited by later age NDR. (I feel uncomfortable to Peter's idea that kralori eunuchs are somewhat similar to priests of Kybele, castrating themselves to achieve higher status (hermaphrodite?), for RW Chinese man chauvinistic nature, but Kralorela is NOT China.....

RM p. 83 "Thalurzni encouraged diversity among his subjects, as long as they revered him and the exarchs. "

My opinion about Tantrism to Thalurzni and Halisayan, see Vashanti's section and my collection of image: though these are all of ancient China, not Tibetan....

7Mikaday (call him vagabond Mike)
In his reign, mandarins first appeared by passing of examination, I don't think his "court" (Government) was highly organized and only token of bureaucracy network worked. (In my Kralorela, still petty nobles retain their own privileges and influence.) I still fail to grasp the difference of RW chinese mandarin exams (See Michael O'brien's writing: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~mrmob/mandarin.htm ) and Kralori esoteric draconic teaching, maybe similar to Mahanaya Buddhism sutras? (Similar to difference of Mahanaya (Try to make good society) and Hinayana (Concentrate on Personal Liberation..)?) I think it is not plausible that kralori examination is about deep introspection of personal conscious, like Indian Yoga Sutra even if it works subliminally and subconsciouslly. I don't think Kralori is dragonewt. So their concern is toward humane arts and society, by identifying themselves with a part of whole society. Not purusa.

And I think even if its draconic teaching is somewhat inscrutable for RW people, I think extremity destroys the flavor of Kralorela = China, it should be covered by humanistic facets and paradoxical riddles systemised as a style of poetry. Mandarins learn law, custom and courtesy, though it might not help to makeup clever and able bureaus in RW, it certainly helped to found equality of society in some sense without any bloodshed, learned about their tradition and belongings.

I think from his reign, exarchs and archexarchs began to be drawn as somewhat human-styled in mandalas.

8Vayobi, Warlord
Maybe as RW First Emperor of "Sina", he tried to unify his empire not only politically, but also culturally. So he wrote down and forced unified Kralori character code as Orthodox Mikaday style. You know Empire greatly expanded before or after (during?) of Sekever's invasions, I think Martial Arts (derived from Darja Danad of Vithela) was induced and practiced by kralori at that Atrocity War age, similar in a sense of hatha yoga teaching.
(See below, read Greg's definition of Manifest Mysticism and Orthodox
Mysticism.Hatha Yoga Pradipika text can be found at: http://www.santosha.com/philosophy/hathayoga-pradipika-chapter1.html)

Manifest M was induced and incorporated into Orthodox teaching....I think in his mandala, main characters (at least in those of later age) hold Tantric Warlike Styles depicting inner power of the Emperor. (See RW example: Vayobi shows his angry face and defeats Udam Bagur?) but maybe as in my tale, his extravagancy and megalomaniac policy led his downfall.....

Web of Righteous Knowledge....(it was called Great Compromise by Hemkarba
(DP) foreigners.) but it seems that Vashanti induced it by kicking out all
of unfittable to his rule rather than cooperation of Unity Council....

Peter Metcalph described his students wild sages wandering countryside as Mike did, maybe it means that Vas rather idealised Mikaday's "loose" reign. iassume that at his reign, Emperor's wives turned into some kind of worshippable entities in Mandalas, at least in some level of RW tantrism. Why?

Maybe Vas's reign means that foreign dangerous (but still useful) power was equated with a sort of dirty, Sesual Existence, I think it was equated with shakti (woman) under the concept of man dominating culture. As Thalurzni held one wife (Halisayan) and Mikaday might have many wives and concubines.....their practice might be condemned by Vas as some kind of tantric (sensual) Method to achieve Liberation. So Shakti Goddesses might be put on mandalas of his predecessor emperors.


As RW Vajrayana sect always seeks shortcut into Nirvana or Liberation aside from long struggle of Paramita method during samsara, I assume Yanoor induced tool much needlessly foreign influence and it leds his downfall....(you might find my idea at Zin Letter #2 article)

I am not sure who August Dragon was and how his prophecies worked in the reign of Yanoor before Shang Hsa

(Golden skinned current Emperor of Chi Tin, (The Metropolis of Silk?) Good
Example of RW: derived from mandala of real Llamas like that of Tsonkhapa?)

ex)False Emperors
Shang Hsa
Sheng Seleris


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