[Glorantha]Awareness Issue

From: Mark Galeotti <Mark_at_galeotti.fsbusiness.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 18:19:37 -0000

Hi Simon,

> I asked in my local games store (Wayland's Forge in Birmingham UK) about
Unspoken Word's new Pentian supplement, but they hadn't heard of it.

Pentan? Any good Char-Un would no doubt rip the heart, still beating, from your breast for that, then hurl it down with contempt for his mastiffs to devour. The SONS OF KARGZANT
(http://www.celtic-webs.com/theunspokenword/books/sok.html) now live their hard and hardy lives on the plains of Erigia, where Panishi in his bounty has found them new foes to fight, and thus new challenges to make them ever stronger!

Seriously, until we have a hard release date, which is only really when the finals go to the printer, we don't start the PR and more to the point Esdevium (who supply Wayland's Forge, and most other FLGSs in the UK) don't add it to their product lists. End of February we hope, March possibly.

All the best


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