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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 09:21:22 -0800 (PST)

Peter Metcalfe:
> >The Praxian Beast Riders don't care about
> >agricultural (or horticultural) spirits. To
> >them, it is unnatural to plant something
> >and watch it grow.
> So why does Aldrya/Redwood give Eiritha the magic
> of accelerate growth in Cults of Prax?

I think this is the magic that the Most Respected Elder at the Paps can use to replicate Eiritha's action when She first brought forth Eiritha's Bounty. I.e., it only works on grass. Praxians would not use it on something they planted (because they don't plant things), so they would be uninterested in exploring whether it works on anything other than grass. Perhaps it does, perhaps it does not.

> They do so without the aid of agricultural
> spirits and are reduced to penury. Doesn't it
> strike you as odd that there are no earth
> spirits to be contacted outside the Paps
> and Pavis?

Rightly said. Oops -- rule violation.

> >They are restricted to places unravaged by
> >the Wildfire, though, where sufficient
> >water flows.
> The Oasis folk are restricted to places where
> sufficient water flows. This has nothing to
> do with the Wildfire.

I think they are largely the same. if they are different, I agree with Peter. I see the Oasis Folk version f "agriculture" really being more of extended gardening, very labor- and water-intensive, mostly fruits and vegetables.

> Look at Nomad Gods and compare with the
> Eiritha writeup in Cults of Prax. Three Bean
> Circus, the Good Shepherd and Ronance are both
> present as subcults of Eiritha and as
> Spirits of Paps in Nomad Gods. The only exception
> (apart from the serpents) is the 48 old ones in
> Cults of Prax and the Horn of Plenty in Nomad Gods.

Interesting argument. I don't recall hearing this explanation before. IIRC, Drastic Prax has the Horm of Plenty as one of the great treasures of Prax. Woul dyou say this is untrue? Or are the 48 Old Ones more in the nature of the parts of the Horn that were not recovered and repaired?

> In the Good Old Days, the Praxians did not have
> agriculture for they had no need.


Julian, responding to me:
> > I believe the Praxian nomads worship Zola Fel as a
> > male spirit. For them, he is the blood of Brave
> > Seolinthur, who fell fighting the Devil.
> Interesting : this is very similar to ideas I put
> into Les Héritiers de Zola Fel re: Hagarn, and I
> think your new version is very appropriate for the
> Praxians.

Nothing new here. This is out of Drastic Prax.

> > That said, in a deeper reality, all water
> > entities seem to have somewhat fluid
> > definitions in terms of gender and
> > otherworld origin.
> But Zola Fel exists in a shallow reality. . . .

I meant deeper than how the Praxians worship him. He's not central to their way of life. The River Folk might have other ideas, for example.

But hey, what would you expect of inbred idiots who live their whole life on or in the water? They've probably never even been on the back of a bison. You'd expect them to get men and women confused. Have you ever seen their women?

Chris Lemens

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