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Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 05:45:19 -0800 (PST)

> From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
> 2. CoP called the 48oo "spirits" (CoP p. 30). NG
> says that the Horn of Plenty is a treasure (NG
> english
> rules p. 30). This says to me that they are
> different
> types of things, one immaterial, the other material.

A "treasure", according to Praxian ideas, could have several meaning:
a male treasure (something for war), frex a weapon. a female treasure (something for nurturing herds), frex a fertility charm.
a magic treasure (something for shamans, ancestors, spirits etc) frex an axis-mundi drum.  

> 3. The absence of the 48oo from NG can be explained
> by the fact that they have zero military utility.
> NG
> was a boardgame of warfare.

yes but in warfare logistics matter.
Even in nomadic warfare (as long as nomads eat and breath and walk and drink in order to survive and to fight).
And logistics must be related to herds and magic too, not just to weapons. The famine tactic of warfare is based on control of the growing power of the land (agriculture, pasture, water). No sensible Praxian Khan should avoid to consider the owning of these kind of treasures, such as the horn of plenty, in times of war.  

The repairing of the horn could well having been performed in eiritha tradition, but probably the broad horn of plenty myth has some previous/outside of eiritha connections. Maybe "after" eiritha it is bovine (er... not in the sense of cow and beef but in the sense of not ovine) but before it was caprine or ovine.
Where sheeps and rams still live in Prax and the greatlands (or in the greatlands sky) a proto-horn of
plenty myth could be still known.
And what about the Unihorn lesser tribe?

Hope these scattered ideas of mine has some worth...


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