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Hello All,

Just a few updates that didn't make it in time for the newsletter.

With the change to HeroQuest (and HeroQuest-rpg.com), we have made the decision to no longer pay for the herowars.com domain. As of this Thursday, February 12th, it will no longer be active. Anyone who has their web site linking to that domain name, please update the URL to <www.HeroQuest-rpg.com>.

As mentioned in the newsletter, Viktor Haag has created a booklet-version of HeroQuest Voices. This high-resolution file can be printed and then stapled into a handy reference booklet, and like the other two versions of HeroQuest Voices is now available for download for free from the Pen & Paper web site at

We have been very pleased with the success of HeroQuest Voices -- since the single-file versions were made available in December, over 1500 copies have been downloaded. (Shoot, in the 3 days after the booklet version went up unannounced, 14 copies had already been downloaded.) We again want to thank everyone who helped make this work possible. And again, a big thank you to Bobby Hitt and Pen & Paper for hosting the book and giving it such prominance on their web site.

Bobby Hitt recently sent the following information:

"Just a quick note to let everyone know that voting is open for the 2003 Pen & Paper Fan Awards. Just like last year, the voting is all write-in. The ballot can be found at <http://www.pen-paper.net/awards.php>."

There are no nominees -- so can we all work together to swamp the awards with Issaries products? :)

Thanks to all for your constant and continued support.



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