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Thier definitions are easily testable using UZ (Kyger Litor) magic as I have said, so this is fairly easy to test conclusively. Ok humans and such might not be able to tell, but what ignorant foreigners of another species with no clue and no applicable magic think isn't realy very relevent.

>Do most uz think that the Kitori are real uz? At least IMG, for
>many uz the Kitori are suspect, they're foul, they're not real
>trolls. But clearly, they *are* uz -- they keep cranking out uz
>kids. Kyger Litor doesn't think they're not trolls.

So far as I know the Kitori do worship Kyger Litor as an ancestor and do get functioning magic from her. I may be mistaken, but if so this is a non-issue. If they don't, they aren't trolls and it's still a non-issue.

>Similarly, I would think that there are other (deviant) traditions
> that have sprouted up, that KL hasn't bothered with but nark off
>Her worshippers.

Even if they are deviant traditions of KL worship, they are still by definition Kyger Litor worshipers, and they obviously aren't narked about it. _Other_ Kyger Litor worshipers may not like it, but that's just a family dispute.

>And, sure, you can have the "weird Uz clan that's left KL and are
>doomed, but pretty much everyone else still thinks they're trolls."
>I assume that hooman magic kills "trolls that look like they're
>trolls," and doesn't make any assumptions about uz beliefs. I'd
>think uz sun-killing magics (say) work just fine against

If it's generic anti-darkness-creature magic then yes, but if it's specific troll fighting magic derived from some mythic conflict with Kyger Litor then it will only work effectively against her children.

>>Are there things that look like Aldryami, but aren't?
>Aside from rootless elves? : )

Rootless elves are still Aldryami. I would agree that being a troll doesn't necesserily aways have a binary Yes/No answer. There are degrees of Trollishness, but clearly those trolls we know lost their connection to KL did drift away from the troll norm and eventualy became non-trolls. This is established fact in the setting and Trollpak was pretty explicit about it.

>I always had the impression that Muri were the result of a disaster,
>and slashers the result of some unspecified (and unintentional, I
>assumed...) but still "bad" happening. Why can't a troll "ditch" the
>connection to KL and become a man? That's up to men to decide, I'd
>think -- I'm not sure uz would worry about the definitions.

From a God Learner perspective trolls are the offspring of a union between Kyger Litor and the Man Rune (Grandfather Mortal?). How would you go about divesting yourself of all the genetic heritage you derive from your mother? Ok in Glorantha it's more a mythic rather than scientific problem, but still sheddign half of what makes you what you are is going to end up with quite a mess.

>And I'm less sure that Aldryami and Mostali can't lose the
>connections -- after all, being rootless and being "defective" seem
>to carry the same connotations. If an elf wants to be human or a
>mostali wants to be human, I assume their societies say "What the
>hell ever. Get out." If local humans adopt 'em in, that's their

I don't relay see what the bopinions of humans have to do with this either. Even if a human population adopted an Aldryami into their comunity and accepted it as one of them that wouldn't change the fact that it's still a plant. There's a lost of objective reality about the nature of a being (in a Gloranthan Context) that can't just be wished away.

Simon Hibbs


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