[Glorantha]What happened to the Sartar High Council

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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 17:57:59 EST

Hello Friends

what do we know about the whereabouts of Kallyrs ills fated Sartar High=20 Council?

These 12 persons come from the writeup of the SHC in "Wyrms Footprints".=20

Sarostip Coldeye (Malani, Humakt)

Kallai Rockbuster (Colymar, Orlanth Thunderous) ???

Hofstaring Tree-Leaper (Culbrea, Orlanth Adventerous)
- Dragged into a lunar hell (?); "King of Sartar" p. 146

Gringle Goodsell (Issaries, Colymar)
- After leaving Apple Lane ???

Tonaling Greathelm (Storm Bull)
- was never seen again (after Tree-Leaper disappered); "King of Sartar", p.=20
- King of the Enstalos Tribe (?); "Barbarian Adventures", p. 7

Minaryth Purple (Lhankor Mhy)
- Kallyr=B4s Companion; "king of Sartar", p. 235

Benava Chan (Ernalda, Colymar)

Erynn Mercy (Chalana Arroy)

Joseph Greenface (Duck)
- One of the leading members of the "Five Rune Ring"; MoLaD

Chipmunk Bing (Eurmal)

Kallyr Starbrow (Kheldon, Orlanth Thunderous) Okay, we know her story. :-)

Garaystar Flatnose (Wilms Church)



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