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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 01:50:58 +0100

Chris :

> > So why does Aldrya/Redwood give Eiritha the magic
> > of accelerate growth in Cults of Prax?
> I think this is the magic that the Most Respected
> Elder at the Paps can use to replicate Eiritha's
> action when She first brought forth Eiritha's Bounty.
> I.e., it only works on grass. Praxians would not use
> it on something they planted (because they don't plant
> things),

Too black and white IMO.

I'm sure the Praxians have magic places where they grow special (or ordinary) plants.

Some oases are AFAIK controlled by Praxians, not Oasis People, for starters ...

> > >They are restricted to places unravaged by
> > >the Wildfire, though, where sufficient
> > >water flows.
> >
> > The Oasis folk are restricted to places where
> > sufficient water flows. This has nothing to
> > do with the Wildfire.

To be fair, it's a definite mythic possibility.

Deeply, they're restricted to places where they were mythically able to protect themselves (kind of) from the Devil and the Praxians, but there just have to be many different local myths and explanations for it.

Fertile Earth <> Sufficient Water : Chicken <> Egg ?

> I think they are largely the same. if they are
> different, I agree with Peter. I see the Oasis Folk
> version f "agriculture" really being more of extended
> gardening, very labor- and water-intensive, mostly
> fruits and vegetables.

This would vary from Oasis to Oasis

> > > That said, in a deeper reality, all water
> > > entities seem to have somewhat fluid
> > > definitions in terms of gender and
> > > otherworld origin.
> >
> > But Zola Fel exists in a shallow reality. . . .
> I meant deeper than how the Praxians worship him.
> He's not central to their way of life. The River Folk
> might have other ideas, for example.

The River Folk know little more IMO, except perhaps folks like Kinope etc.

Actually, what I wanted to suggest (albeit far too allusively) is that it simply isn't true that "all water entities seem to have somewhat fluid definitions in terms of gender and otherworld origin". Nearly all water entities have strict definition in terms of otrherworld OR mixed world origin, whereas it is only a small minority of water entities that have *mutable* gender ; in particular, the very old ones, like Seolinthur or Heler. IMO ZF simply isn't old enough.

That said, Greg has often stated that gender _in general_ is unimportant as far as otherworld entities are concerned, so there's really no problem if the Praxians want to worship ZF as a male spirit, mutability or non- notwithstanding.

In my understanding, a water entity with mutable gender can be worshipped as either and/or both at the same time, which most folks quite rightly consider to be mighty WEIRD.

Anyways, IMG ZF is a female spirit who just happens to have a worshipped soul within her. IMG it's a remnant of Seolinthur. Of course, IMG nobody in Prax knows how to do any of the metamagic suggested by this ...

> But hey, what would you expect of inbred idiots

You're confusing them with the Oasis People again ...


> Have you ever seen their women?

The ones with feathers ?


"Hmmm, I've heard of other powers.
Can you tell me about ...

... Real Life ?"

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