[Glorantha]Access to Old Pavis

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 02:07:49 +0100

Trevor :

> My party wanted to know why they could not get access to the Rubble by just hiring a boat to take them part way through and then jump off.
> How can the Lunar authorities monitor people joining or leaving river traffic within the Rubble itself?

All water traffic in pavis and pavis county is controlled by the Zola Fel cult.

Basically, the Lunar Authorities have farmed out the policing of water traffic to the cult, so that :

a) the Pavis ZF cult gets favoured treatment
b) and extra power
c) so that it's in the interest of the cult to ensure that the Lunars are happy with the services provided, including the passing on of relevant information


d) The ZF cult / Ingilli family does everything it can to protect this monopoly e) Good luck finding yourself a boat !!

f) But I think that the Lunar soldiery must be pretty disabused with the notion that they are somehow going to control all entry points into and out of the Rubble. Obviously, the only thing they are interested in - despite the legal fiction - is to control entry points into *New* Pavis (and they'd love to control the Real City, too) ... ;-)

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