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From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 02:25:49 +0100

Simon, Joerg :

> > Aldryami and Mostali are different from trolls because they are
> > relatively at home in the middle world. The trolls are creatures of
> > hell, and the surface world is an alien realm for them in a way it
> > isn't for Mostali, and particularly Aldryami.
> An excellent point

... except that half the time (night vs. day ; cold vs. hot ; etc), the Inner World is controlled by the Underworld forces, and in efffect *becomes* the underworld ...

Nice try, though ! :-)

> . I wonder whether the trolls really ever lost
> fertility, or whether they gained a lesser version of fertility on their
> flight from the Underworld. As a rule, only the Middle World generates new
> life...

As a rule, general rules do not apply to the Underworlds, many of which are just as fertile as the Inner World (technically, they are part of the Inner Worlds ; except they are ruled by otherworld entities, or whatever other strangeness occurs to make them underwordly ... )

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