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> what do we know about the whereabouts of Kallyrs
> ills fated Sartar High Council?

Good question! Wish I knew, in most cases.

> Sarostip Coldeye (Malani, Humakt)
> ???

Didn't that name show up in Home of the Bold? Memories are very vague, I'm afraid.  

> Minaryth Purple (Lhankor Mhy)
> - Kallyr´s Companion; "king of Sartar", p. 235
> - Involved in dragon Awakening Shudder (?); "King of
> Sartar", p. 24

Mentioned a lot in the current Orlanthi story arc: he's still going.

In OOP sources, but not as old as the original High Council writeup:

he seems to have written at least part of "Drastic: Prax" - I seem to remember back when Steve was doing this and he and I were discussing various things, the article on Praxian stars was meant to have been part of Minaryth's research into stars in general as early prep. for the Dragonrise. Probably Gregged by now, though, as the Dragonrise plot has been altered and improved out of all recognition. But I think if you look on the back cover (my copy is lost, so I can't), you'll see what's effectively a "wish you were here" postcard from him to Kallyr.

One of the old RQ3 troll supplements had him sending "secret" messages to someone caled Harshax, I think?

Basically he seems to have been running the Resistance intelligence service from 1613 to 1625, more or less.

KoS/CHDP has him *killed* at the Dragonrise. And his boot heels bitten off by the dragon, AFAIR.

He's listed as one of Argrath's companions in at least one source, AFAIR and FWIW. Which may indicate activity after having been killed?

> Joseph Greenface (Duck)
Oh, so *that's* where I got that NPC name from, for my 1597 game. I remember now... Well, I can tell you what he was doing back then IMG (and who his sister was going out with), but that probably isn't what you were after.

> - One of the leading members of the "Five Rune
> Ring"; MoLaD
memo to self, again: order MoLad!

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