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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
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> From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>:
> The problem is that Praxian tradition myths mingle
> with tada/genert tradition myths before a certain
> date/event (ie the battle between Storm Bull and
> Wakboth).

IMO: No and yes. The Praxian tradition has specific stories about Tada, and others about Genert, who is a more remote figure. They are clear, distinct, and not mixed. However, they also have no way of reliably visiting these stories in the other side. They are not a central part of the Wide Plaines. You have to go to the Greener to visit them, and that is a lot like stepping back into the Green Age -- dangerous and unfamiliar. The Nomads by and large do not know the pathways about Genert and Tada -- the ones that try them often come back insane, or don't come back at all. Generally, Praxians are descended from Storm Bull, who did not arrive until later, so their ancestors can't tell you about Genert and Tada. For this reason, the stories about Tada and Genert often have the flavor of a fairy tale.

> I think we should districate (sp?) the two
> mythologies like a tree (the branches are
> connected at this or that level) before trying
> to say this or that.

Why? Ambiguity is a beautiful thing, especially with the Hero Wars coming.

> Golden Age Prax (probably) coincides with
> Golden Age Genert. But Golden Age Genert
> doesn't coincide with Golden Age
> Solar/Logic/Kralorela.

IMO: The events are roughly the same and time is an irrelevant concept. Genert was the naming god. His action ended the Green Age. He named his other first.  Then he named everything else. This was the beginning of individuality that ends the green age and starts the golden age. Golden Age Prax has the same themes as the golden age anywhere else (other than among Orlanthi, I suppose): putting things in their places, peace, plenty, a central ruler.

> I mean, Yelm was Emperor of the Universe and
> that meant milk and honey for the Dara Happans,
> chains for the Orlanthi and something else for
> other peoples. Right?

It did for the Orlanthi, but in some senses the mere existence of Orlanth was the beginning of (or maybe a prelude to) the Storm Age, when rebellion against authority occurs. In Prax, this is when Ragnaglar's rebellion occurs. The difficult event to place is the conflict with the Basmoli. It feels to me like an early Golden Age separation event: "we are not animals" or "we don't eat people" (since some Praxians were four-legged).

> What does it mean for the Generti/Tadashi and
> for the Ancestor of the Praxians?

The Praxians vicariously remember the Golden Age like, well, a golden age. Since they are descended from a storm god, they might find the actuality of it rather stifling.

The Oasis People only know that the past was better than now. Any other Generti/Tadashi are hidden.

> GiantAge.
> An age when Giants ruled the Land and had their
> own Gods. Genert was a Giant or a Giant God?

There's no distinction between a Giant and a god/spirit/thingie. Giants did not have gods.

> Genert was happy to rule under/beside/outside
> Yelm?

Who Yelm? Yam-sur carried the sun. Ask the Ostrich people about him and his cowardly followers. If you think not, you are obviously one of the Outlanders <spit> that made Robcradle <spit>.

> We don't really know, I think. But we
> can speculate that in Golden Age Genert (a
> Land God/Giant) was happy, while the Ancestor of
> the Praxians (descendants from Storms, Herdwomen
> and Killers) were in captivity.

Captivity? What captivity? They had not yet descended from the Spike. (Except perhaps the morocanth, who are an odd case.)

Note: IMO "Land God" does not exactly equal "Earth God".

> Do you remember Cain and Abel?
> Cain was a shepherd, while Abel was a farmer.
> Cain killed Abel because he was envious.

You only have this kind of conflict where there is a scarcity of resources, which was not the case in Prax.  The Good Sheperd was a golden age figure.

> Maybe the herding and turbulent Ancestor of the
> Praxians were not that sad when Genert died.

This is pretty much contrary to canon, at least in implication. Storm Bull fought with Genert against Genert's killers, to the point that he would have died, but for Eiritha's aid.

> It was their opportunity to rise, their Golden
> Age, a sort of Grey Age for Prax, when the
> Ancestor of the Praxians fought Chaos while
> Chaos destroyed and sacked primarily the Farming
> and Land Gods, Giants and Cities, leaving the
> Ancestor of the Praxians not happy but at least
> Surviving.

It was an opportunity in the same way that, when your house burns down, you get the opportunity to build a new one. It was certainly not asked for. The Giants and Tadashi were not the only victims of Chaos -- Storm Bull purportedly had 25 sons, but only 5 or so are known to have survived to the dawn. Yeah, sure, 25 is a mythic number, but it means "more than now".

> Then twagic events occurred, anyway.

Indeed. Including Ducks.

Chris Lemens

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