[Glorantha]Echoes heard from the Cliffs of Drahcir

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:14:35 EST

We Old Ones, Forty Eight Old Ones.
Agri-cult-ural spirits of the Paps
Who live, grow when Oakfed is gone
For we have been Forty Eight Ones for so long

Tada comes? Why wait until Tada comes?
'Coz Tada! sometimes never comes
So hear us, there's a tale to be told
And the best time is to tell it now we're old

Once in every four years comes a growth like this We feed you, Sixteen times Three
Oh, my people, hear our plea:
That old dreams should be dreams together And old hearts shouldn't be afraid
And some day when Tada has come
Elder, then we'll teach the old ways of our own

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