Re: [Glorantha]GAG is tiranny

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 01:43:27 GMT

In message <> Gianfranco Geroldi writes:

>Let me just add (?) this one:
>I feel tyrannized by GAG and always felt so (ever
>since I read KOS first time, back in 1992).
>I like "YGMV" but I'd go first to
>MGHV, to "my glorantha has varied" too.
>It is important, IMO, that people abuse at least a bit
>of glorantha if they really want to play there.

>Not just that they _plan_ to abuse it as YGMV
>suggests, but that they change a little in it asap.

I think this depends on the individual, I've never felt obliged to either stick to GAG or change it just for the sake of change. Indeed I'm not sure how much my Glorantha has actually drifted as a lot of my ideas refer to people and places not well covered by publications or alternatively are bizare offshoots from other people's ideas which just might be true but haven't been generally accepted yet.

The problem for a newcomer is that it is not clear what can be changed without spawning complex changes across Glorantha which mean that whole chunks of published material won't fit. While an experienced Gloranthaphile can cope with Argrath being seduced by the Red Goddess a newcomer is likely to react with "Help! what do I do now?"

Donald Oddy

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