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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 21:59:49 -0800 (PST)

I'm going off topic from my subject line and violating a rule, to boot to agree with Gian:

> It is important, IMO, that people abuse at least a
> bit of glorantha if they really want to play there.

Every time we play at Sandy's we break some small rule of GAG or else add something that is not GAG. For example -- awakened herdmen have no ancestors to offend, so can be freely adopted into an ancesotr worship cult; white elves have five genders; Black Hralf was a Ygg's Islander; etc. GAG is supposed to be a starting point, not an ending point. The reason we debate it here in such detail is to make sure we stay with the same starting point.

> From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
> Joerg :
> > BTW, how did Prax fare during the second flooding?
> It was a war. There's a reason those Serpents
> are called "wicked writhers" ...

Excllent point.

> Seolinthur was killed by Vadrus during the Gods War

Huh? Were does it say that? And is this Vadrus as Vadrus or Vadrus under another name?

> Prax is very high, and probably escaped most of
> the Flood. The current ZF valley and also
> central Genert's Garden would IMO have been
> the most affected areas.

Well, logically, the spiot just to the south of the Garden would have been the battle ground where someone finally stick a big spear into their leader, thus making a really deep hole.

> Prax included a forest, but it wasn't one.

Can you cite anything implying so?

> I think we can safely assume that Eiritha is the
> current manifestation of the tada-Shi Great
> Mother Spirit,

I'm not entirely sure I agree with this. Here's my reasoning, which may be faulty: First, Eiritha is Beast and Earth; the Tada-Shi seem more like horticulturalists than herders. Second, there is a real dearth of other female figures; why assume that Eiritha was so important way back when? Maybe she was the ugly sister. There's really nothing other than nomad assumptions about her importance. Third, the genealogy in CoP (p. 31) shows that her only husband before Storm Bull was the Good Shepherd. And what does it say about Eiritha that she could only land (a) the Good Shepherd, a mortal and (b) one of the most brutish storm gods there is? So, I really don't see Eiritha being the central female figure for the Oasis ancestors. I would think they would be much more devoted to the Earth Mother than to her beastly daughter.

> who is certainly linked to the Earth ;

Yes, and to Beast.

> and we know that their most important
> Great Spirit was Genert,


> THE Earth Spirit ...
> according the the GLs that is
> ...
> ;-)
> for starters : was he an Earth or a Land spirit ?
> there's a HUGE difference ... ;-)


> .. spirit, ... spirit, ...
> <sorry>


> > > They were once most likely creeks, streams,
> > > and small rivers.
> Or fields, or orchards, woods, magic buildings,
> clan places, magic items, et cetera et cetera ...
> You're being a little too reductionist here IMO

There are doubtless Oases that are not led by water spirits. But they all have some water spirit there.

> A tiny minority of Beast Riders actually ends
> up living basically sedentary lives (at the
> Paps and other places) IMO (shamans, smiths,
> storm bulls, whatever),

Outlander. <spit> Surely the Most Respected Elder must give up the freedom of roamng the Greatlands, but she is usually very old, so it is not as much of a sacrifice. And some who are defective in some way stay at the Paps, for example the apostates <protective sign> who must follow the Axe Sister <another protective sign>. And the Most Respected Elder certainly has many oasis scum groundmen to serve her -- they aren't people anyway. But all others move around. The Bullmen go wherever there is chaos. (Also, they are easily distracted.) I do not know who these zmithz are. OPur shaman has moved around with us for years.

> and this would inevitably lead to horticulture
> and agriculture for economic reasons,
> not to mention magic.

The oasis scum are lower than ground men for sure. Not only do they walk the ground: they dig in it. Thank Eiritha, their ways are beneath us.

> Eiritha would also require that certain
> plants/crops in certain places needed religious
> care

Eiritha's mother and sisters make the sacred plants grow. We would never disturb them by placing them elsewhere. Would you want us to become like the less-than-groundmen?

> When I say that some Oases are "controlled by
> Praxians", I mean that some Oases are empty
> of Oasis folk, and are entirely
> maintained and tended by Praxians.

Those are limited to altars and ruins. The Praxians do little to maintain them. They are often spirit places, where the herds should not go. If there's no oasis people there, then there's probably not enough water or other resources to maintain a community.

Or the spirits scared them away.

Or the trolls ate them.

Or the broos . . .

Chris Lemens

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