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PANTHEON OF MAHAYANA AND VAJRAYANA BUDDHISM AND APPLICATION TO KRALORELA You might know that the vast variety of Esoteric Buddhism Pantheon and its complexity, and maybe doubt its necessity as I. Many of these entities are merely philosophical components that are parts of Greater Cosmological Symbolism, (Mandala).

But some others are not, as Meitreya and Avalokitesvara, with enough attributes, folktales and legends and worshippers (bhaktists). So I try to list here most important pantheon members, if you like to use these images for Kralori Emperors. Some of these divinities are well known in north, even in Japan.....but many later entities defined by esoteric tantrism texts are alien to us, (especially "corpulation" form is alien for Confucianism standard, see Vajrasattva head.)


Many of Tibetan (and Indian, before they were destroyed by islamic invasion, for it spreads far to southeast isles of Asia, though later most other areas abandoned it and took Theraveda teaching) Vajrayana Pantheon is from their rivalry toward Hinduism, as geographical closeness between Tibet and India, many of tibetan "Idam"s have ability to conquer or absorb ability of hinduistic deities, especially that of Shiva (God of Yogism). So "Heruka"s usually have some kind of similarity to Shiva, his horrible wife Kali, and its "spawns"....or "Yamantaka" (revered Heruka of Geluq sect, for it was guardian being of Tsoknkapha....

Main Images
http://www.manjushri.com/BUDDHA/Blist.html http://www.padmasambhava.org/pbc/

(Thanka is religious traditional art of Tibetans depicting various Vajrayana Pantheon.)


Un Lo (Atrilith?)
Perhaps Hexad: Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought, Spirit are all considered as humane figures such kralori group...maybe as buddhas in Esoteric Buddhism sect and compose main hexads of their own mandala,,,, many buddhas are not attributed with accesaries as boddhisattivas, for they already transcend such. (So not popular for ordinary people..., I am not sure why TarnGatHa is called specifically "Guardian of Being", as one of Hexad by Alex Ferguson (Ye Book of Tentacles #2).....)

I think Durapdur and Atrilith might be considered such figures, as Un Lo or more superior entities.


http://www.padmasambhava.org/pbc/gallery/amitayus.php http://www.asianart.com/exhibitions/svision/i1.html Great Mercy of West (So sometimes attributed with Avalokiteshvara, see below), an object of "bhaktism" for Japanese Jyodo and Ikko sects, maybe it is similar to HeenMaroun, for he wait the west (ing) of Kralorela.....Maybe his image can be used as HeenMaroun.....

+ Bhaisajyaguru

http://www.bremen.de/info/nepal/Gallery-1/otherbuddhas/3-12/Bhaisay1.htm Buddha of Healing in the Lapis Lazuli Heaven of East. Not popular among tibetans but well-known among chinese and japanese, I am far less sure about its directional attribution to Amitabha and Bhaisajtaguru, but this couple is quite known in "north" Buddhism....


http://www.asianart.com/exhibitions/svision/i41.html http://www.asianart.com/exhibitions/albuquerque/p8.html Translated by Chinese Priests as "Great Sun Buddha" as the main buddha of Middle Age Esoteric Buddhism as in Japanese Matranaya Sect.

Maybe Daruda is depicted as Prince Shakamuni in the form of Cakravartirdjan, as a founder of Religion.....

+ Historical Buddha, called Sakyamuni

http://www.asianart.com/exhibitions/svision/i27.html (In Legend, when Gautama Siddharta was born, his father king of Kapilavastu was told by a sage that "if this prince stay in the palace, he will be the conqueror of Three World in the name of Cakravartirdjan, but if he met Three Agonies before he grew adulthood, he will be the Sage who helps everyone to achieve the liberation.")

*Bodhisattvas: As dragon emperors regarded as bodhisattva in several bits and pieces of Greg and Alex, as they stay Middle World as dragonet inhuman King of Hemkarba.....(but IK don't pretend to help his subject tailed priests, beaks or warriors, bah, another hinayanas.:-)(


http://www.manjushri.com/BUDDHA/Avalokitesvara.html http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/history/buddhist-art/thangka3.htm Boddhisattva of Mercy. (See above about Amitabha)

Dalai Lama is regarded as an aspect or avatar of Avalokiteshvara, maybe Godunya was shown as similar aspect?

(As you see in the "Journey to the West", Avalokitesvara sometimes depicted as "Goddess" figure at least in China and Japan attributed with , see below about Shakti.)

+ Manjushri

Boddhisattva of Wisdom.

Vayobi? See below about Idam (Mahavajrabhairava is Idam of Manjushiri), for Tsonkhapa believed he was an avatar of Manjushri, as he holds both pen (literary) and sword (military)
http://www.manjushri.com/BUDDHA/Manjushri.html http://www.padmasambhava.org/pbc/gallery/largepic.html?16.jpg

+ Maitreya

http://www.asianart.com/exhibitions/svision/i24.html The Bright Boddhisattva who will be Buddha in Future. Many scholars have pointed out influence and similarity to Persian God Mythra. And Kuukai (Japanese Shinngon sect founder) also greatly revered this entity.) Shavaya?

In China and Japan, Maitreya is attirbuted with potbelly and laughing face symbolises Fertility.....

+ Vajrasattva

For its mystical attribution, I quite likely attribute him with

Alchemist.....though you might object me.
Thalurzni? with his wife Halisayan, Vajrasattva is also known in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism as a bodhisattva of Mantrayana secret, and (later, tantric buddhism)
Copulation with his Shakti (Thalurzni and Halisayan? This is not pornography! but don't show it to children or ignorants who don't want to understand its symbolism,)

+ Ksitigarbha

Underworld Boddhisativa who helps sinners now punished..... Very popular among China and Japan in folktales. http://www.manjushri.com/BUDDHA/Ksitigarbha.html Maybe I can apply the days of Wandering Mikaday costuming poor priest...as many japanese and chinese folk tales..... (I don't know where Claude got the image for Mikaday....http://perso.club-internet.fr/manzato/pagepersocm/runequest/rq37. html)

At least, I can say too small in number for known Kralori deities, compared with this vast volume of Esoteric Buddhism pantheon......

And I, as moderate islander of North, feel uneasy when the southern radicality derived from the extreme change of heat and cold....and Herukas and their dakini....
These meddlesome avatars of buddhas and buddhisattivas forcefully try to enlighten reluctant foolish people, typical mahayana attitude.... (Maybe you can call Shargash as "Idam" of Emperor Yelm....and Alkothite Black King might be their patron of own Yogistic Way...)

*Idam (Tibetan term, not Sanskrit)
You can call their angry faces quite contrary to Buddha's original idea for centrist-moderate way against extremism of Hinduistic Asceticism and Hedonism, Two Great Mainstream set of Tantric Buddhism, "Mother" Tantra (emphasises Feminity) and "Father" Tantra (emphasises Masculinity)


http://www.padmasambhava.org/pbc/gallery/mahakala.php Once it was another name of Hinduistic God Shiva....below are all revered entities of Late Age Esoteric (Tantric) Buddhism.

+ Heruka, Yamantaka, Vajrabhairava

Yamantaka is Guardian Being of Geluq sect, conquerer of Death (Yama), some in Dark rumor, Geluq sect has strictly controlled its worship and only permitted its worship (and use of their dark power was rumored by early day Dalai Lamas against their rivals) to qualified who passed all of Paramita teaching......I find difficulty to find Glorantha Kralorela eqivalent for such entity except few exception like Udam Bagur, but if Alex Ferguson or others want to use their frenzy power and have ability to control them, I will greatly appreciate their effort.... http://www.loselingmexico.org/yamantaka.htm http://www.tibetshop.com/vbh1.html

+ Chakrasambhara


+ Mahavajrabhairava


+ Hevajra

Main Idam of "Mother" Tantra.

+ Kalachakra

Most revered Idam in the latest (and some call, greatest) Tantric Buddhism, (it combines practice of "Mother" Tantra and "Father" Tantra.) in Legend, that was first taught in the legendary kingdom of Shambara. http://www.manjushri.com/LIBRARY/T-kalachakra.htm

+ Mahamaya

http://www.himalayanart.org/image.cfm/70679.html "Great Illusion", maybe you can call it as a great sarcasm of Tantric Mahayana, greatest obstacle is now an object of worship....

*Devis (Woman Entities, Shakti in Hinduism)
+Mauamayuri (Peacock....Eagle Phoenix Emperor Metsyla?)



Goddess of Sunlight Shimmer?


Main God of Ancient Veda as Thunderer, well known among hinduism, though later depraved its role by Shiva and Vishnu....


God of Prakriti in Sankhaya and "Great-self" in Veddantha, theorised.

So my images are:
TarnGatHa: Bhaisajyaguru?
HeenMaroun: Amitabha?
Metsyla: Mauamayuri (Eagle Phoenix Emperor?) Shavaya: Maitreya?
Daruda: Shakamuni, Vairocana
Thalurzni: Vajrasattva
Mikaday: Ksitigarbha
Vayobi: Manjushri
Godunya: Avalokiteshvara

I have some difficulty to find equivalent for Vashanti and Yanoor, maybe some lamas or gurus of Tibetan Legend.....? Maybe Dalai Lama 5th and 6th....? Padmasambhava and Tsonkapha?

Any comments?

But names are tibetan, not popular sanskrit..... http://www.geocities.com/kkkdcm3/

>I don't know enough about taoism to say anything about that. Neither do I, except few LaoTzu's teaching.

Even the finest teaching is not the Tao itself. Even the finest name is insufficient to define it. Without words, the Tao can be experienced, and without a name, it can be known.

To conduct one's life according to the Tao, is to conduct one's life without regrets; to realize that potential within oneself which is of benefit to all.

Though words or names are not required
to live one's life this way,
to describe it, words and names are used, that we might better clarify
the way of which we speak,
without confusing it with other ways
in which an individual might choose to live.

Through knowledge, intellectual thought and words, the manifestations of the Tao are known, but without such intellectual intent
we might experience the Tao itself.

Both knowledge and experience are real,
but reality has many forms,
which seem to cause complexity.

By using the means appropriate,
we extend ourselves beyond
the barriers of such complexity,
and so experience the Tao. >>

Not good definition, but that is the way there is no apparent way, Greg once told us that Mystical Experience is not what can be known but only as an experience....you might find good systemised taoistic, ritualised religion in later age, but I think this is degraded form as you think Hatha Yoga toward the spirit of Yoga Sutra, maybe paradox of Kouan is a way to stop our thinking enough by headache, as Zen Maditation crossing legs causes enough backache and legache...:-) I think Zen is certainly influenced from such air of

For complexed logic and canon can be another trapping of Middle World........you should be fool!

Uz Illumination: I will hit your head hard, you will be forget to make effort to reach satori.

<<Do not fall into the trap of thinking that Glorantha is Earth, and that the
analogue homelands are like eartthly ones. I will assure that meditative cults exist in the Empire, that some of them practice Nothing, and that Patanjali's methodology is mirrored by some Lunar practices.>>

<<I prefer Greek philosophical paradoxes for the Lunars, myself:

"Epimenides the Pelandan tells me all Pelandans are liars." Lokarnos can't catch up with a tortoise if you give it a head start. ...that kinda thing. It screws with your head just as effectively.>>

Such are also present and preferred by other schools. I'll not comment on the relative inefficiencies of these systems to encourage Illumination. >>

Certainly, Greg is biased, as I and Nick. :-) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HeroQuest-RPG/message/12918

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