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>3: Liturgists and Wizards
>Small community like Wyrm's Hold might need liturgist for future community
>ceremonies, I am not sure how it can be maintained without enough lay
>members.....maybe in such small community, Father Theoberdt holds two posts
>at once.....maybe Don Capratis will keep Small Order of St. Gerlant in the
>hold, or it is merely a secular trading post for they don't have interest to
>make larger self supportable community like Gilam's predecessor, Garth du
>Any ideas.....?

A part time liturgist, someone who's full time job provides their living but once a week they get out and read a few passages from The Abiding Book to their congregation (which may only be their family and a few friends). Chances are if anything important arose they would be completely out of their depth. I think a lot of remote places with small congregations handle it this way. It's even possible there is a church which relies entirely on part-time litugists, the way RW Methodists have lay readers rather than a separate clergy.

Donald Oddy

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