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TI asks
>I am not sure Rikard Tigerhearted sect, if his sect was St
>Henshelek and Ship of Life, he might have showed more liberal
>attitude to Aeolians.....but I suppose no one know firm answer
>about it.

In How The West Was One, Vancelai Du Tumerine (of the Nolos Du Tumerine's) was invited to become the (Rokari) Bishop of Malkonwal by Rikard when he took over. I'm not sure this necessarily helps (or even necessarily holds true in "canon" Glorantha)

>Small community like Wyrm's Hold might need liturgist for future
>community ceremonies, I am not sure how it can be maintained without
>enough lay members.....maybe in such small community, Father Theoberdt
>holds two posts at once

HQp158 says "Liturgists are not automatically clergymen, and many have just enough learning to read their scriptures [...]increasingly in the West the magical duties of liturgists are separated from the occupational duties of the Clergy" So an educated lay member could act as a liturgist on holy days and fulfil their normal occupational duties the rest of the time

If Father Theoberdt is an Orderly rather than a Wizard, then he could also be a liturgist (and would certainly want access to one to recharge his talismans). The rulebook doesn't specifically mention Adept Liturgists, but I don't see anything that prohibits them either

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