Re: [Glorantha]Access to Old Pavis

From: Henk Langeveld <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:29:16 +0100

Julian Lord wrote a lot of sensible stuff about the Zola Fel boating monopoly, and continues:

> f) But I think that the Lunar soldiery must be pretty disabused with
> the notion that they are somehow going to control all entry points > >
> into and out of the Rubble. Obviously, the only thing they are
> interested in - despite the legal fiction - is to control entry
> points into *New* Pavis (and they'd love to control the Real City,
> too) ... ;-)

It is my guess that the Lunars don't really care about who goes in, but more in who comes *out* of the Rubble. They want first dibs on any special finds from there.

Of course knowing who goes *in* will help knowing who may come *out*, hence the paperwork...


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