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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:43:44 -0000

> From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>

> Let me just add (?) this one:
> I feel tyrannized by GAG and always felt so (ever
> since I read KOS first time, back in 1992).
> I like "YGMV" but I'd go first to
> MGHV, to "my glorantha has varied" too.

I prefer YGWV - Your Glorantha WILL Vary.

I think this is a streightforward extension of the basic nature of roleplaying games. The whole point of roleplaying is creativity, just by generating your character you're making changes to glorantha by introducing this new person to the setting. Everyone's Gloranthas inevitably vary - Greg joked about the RuneQuest effect whereby different poeple in different campaigns all do the same scenarios and win the same magic items.

Every one of my games in Glorantha varies from Canon in some way. In one campaign I developed a variant of the orrigins of the Humakt cult in Dragon Pass and introduced some 'lost' myths. In another game I used a non-cannonical version of the city of Karse. As others have said, GAG is merely a starting point and a basis for discussion. The real goal is the gloranthas that we create in our games.

Simon Hibbs


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