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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:30:50 -0800 (PST)

Keith "Marginally Sane" Nellist:
> Donkeys are from Pent, according to Anaxial's
> Roster. I like the myth about Donkey's and
> Onager (AR p54).

Dang. I wish I had thought of looking up a beast in the book about beasts.

> To me the Onager sounds distinctly like a Son-
> of-Storm-Bull-style bolshy beast. I even wonder
> if Tok might even be Tada! and Lodril, perhaps
> replaced with Genert.

Of course! All gods beginning with the letter T are actually the same thing. ;-)

> About Cactus:
> Do we have any other cactus related myths to go
> on? Are there Cactus Aldryami? Were there cacti
> on the spike (or vice versa)?

I know of none that I did not blatantly make up.

> I think the current river folk are a mix of
> oasis folk and immigrants from the coasts.

Why would people live on the costs? The mosquitoes there can carry off babies and suck a bison dry.

> This is why I think they have more get up and go
> than the "proper" oasis people.

I think it is because their water spirit is not the shriveled remnant of a previously greater thing, but is a living river of great length and volume.

> I see the indigenous "Tada-Shi" being a group
> originally containing much more variety and
> diversity than the other groups. Perhaps we are
> confusing things by calling the indigenous
> Generti (even *more* confusing to call
> them Genertelans) Tada Shi.

Agreed. Let's call them the Oasis Folk's ancestors. That does not pre-judge any debates.

> If Tada was the Queen's Champion, then Tada Shi
> could almost imply something like the Queen's
> Guard, a regiment or rank of special servitors
> ("Arrangers of the Golden Land", "Editors of the
> Different Worlds?").

"Khan" means queen's champion.  "Tada-Shi" means
"Arrangers of the Golen Land".  So, Tada means either
"Arranger" or "Golden Land".  You can take your pick
to fill in what "Tada Khan" means.

> This would make it possible for Long Ears, Copper
> People, Aldryami Lords, Veruferrari People, Loyal
> Scorpions and even Ostrich People to be Tada-Shi
> but not all of them.

Agree with the part where your tongue was not in your cheek.

> The Tada-shi would be the ones out chasing
> Tripanandar and his brood.

Dang. That's so obscure I can't even tell if it is humor.

> I think we are almost trying to do a "Glorious
> Devourment of Genert" or a "Unfortunate
> Succession of Tada!" or "Ronansiad". A
> pre-Waha! mythology.

No, just arguing about relevant bits of it.

> << There are other possibilities, but they would
> also be part of the Golden Age culture. Also,
> canals does not mean grain cultivation. It might
> have been flower gardens.>>
> I am also tempted to suggest that the Zaranistangi,
> the Loper People, the Moon Cavalry of the Artmali
> Empire, might have built canals for some obscure
> reason. (Mostly because I link moons, canals and
> mystery whenever I am not thinking about donkeys).

I kinda like this idea.

Chris Lemens

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