[Glorantha]Re: Puddle Scum People

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 05:30:50 -0800 (PST)

Provocatively speaking: I have already assisted to the Texasfication of Orlanthi (they seem suspicioiusly similar to Texan farmers and cowboys, especially after Kevin Costner films).
I will oppose the arizonification of Praxians with all my meager forces!

Now, let's go funny:

> > To me the Onager sounds distinctly like a Son-
> > of-Storm-Bull-style bolshy beast. I even wonder
> > if Tok might even be Tada! and Lodril, perhaps
> > replaced with Genert.
> Of course! All gods beginning with the letter T are
> actually the same thing. ;-)

The Pharaoh Ramesses II was called "Luminous Bull" or something similar (Powerful Sire?). He was a King, an Emperor, a Pontifex and a Commander in war, as the Qadesh documents show us.
There is no need to think that Bull implies just Bullhead or Bull***t, in Glorantha, IMO!  

> Why would people live on the costs? The mosquitoes
> there can carry off babies and suck a bison dry.

So can Whirlvishes!  

> > I see the indigenous "Tada-Shi" being a group
> > originally containing much more variety and
> > diversity than the other groups. Perhaps we are
> > confusing things by calling the indigenous
> > Generti (even *more* confusing to call
> > them Genertelans) Tada Shi.
> Agreed. Let's call them the Oasis Folk's ancestors.

Agreed too.

> > If Tada was the Queen's Champion, then Tada Shi
> > could almost imply something like the Queen's
> > Guard, a regiment or rank of special servitors
> > ("Arrangers of the Golden Land", "Editors of the
> > Different Worlds?").
> "Khan" means queen's champion. "Tada-Shi" means
> "Arrangers of the Golen Land". So, Tada means
> either
> "Arranger" or "Golden Land". You can take your pick
> to fill in what "Tada Khan" means.

Again, if you refer to ancient (not so ancient, actually one of the most documented periods of Egypt history) Egypt nomenklatura, you can easily find all the above titles applied to the same person: usually the pharaoh.
The distinction, from our perspective, is a careful one. Or we can simply say: Oasis' People problem, not a True Praxian's one!  

> > This would make it possible for Long Ears, Copper
> > People, Aldryami Lords, Veruferrari People, Loyal
> > Scorpions and even Ostrich People to be Tada-Shi
> > but not all of them.
> Agree with the part where your tongue was not in
> your
> cheek.

Especially the Loyal Scorpions thing. This evening, in Italy, The Mummy Returs will be broadcast in TV for the first time...

> > I think we are almost trying to do a "Glorious
> > Devourment of Genert" or a "Unfortunate
> > Succession of Tada!" or "Ronansiad". A
> > pre-Waha! mythology.

Me, yes.  


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