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From: Henk Langeveld <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 23:15:08 +0100

Andrew Dawson wrote:

>> >To restate a question of mine from another post in this thread, did all
>> >(even Orlanthi or Yelmic all) of the Tlaxcallans, Christian Spaniards,
>> >Lutherans, etc. cross over to the Other Side several times during the 
>> >year and reenact the myths of their religions?

Peter Metcalfe:

>> Short Answer: Yes.
>> If you want further information then seek the Digest.

> Please do tell. I'm afire with the desire to discover the real world
> religion that offers something more than hope, faith, and fellowship.
> Being raised Lutheran (in a fervent mission church, no less), I'm
> especially curious about how they fit into this.

Reminds me of how I encountered RQ/Glorantha a couple of years after giving up my Christian faith, and seeing the kind of stuff I would expect from a religion: the mythology, and the deep link to how our brains and feelings are wired. (I was raised a Dutch Protestant, mostly inspired by Calvin).

In my impression, not many of our (western) RW religions come close to the immanence of Gloranthan religion, and it's hard for me to judge others. (African witchcraft, Winti and Japanese spirit/ancestor worship appear to be close candidates). Most religion is a shared personal experience anyway.


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