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>I am not
>saying that it was impossible that Praxians recruited broos for Moonbroth,
>but I am saying that I think such an action--if contrary to the religion
>followed by those Praxians--had repercussions due to that religion.

In my opinion, Gloranthans aren't necessarily any more pious than we are. (Despite "Thou shalt not kill" being one of only Ten Commandments, lots of people have figured out how they can do so and remain, in their own eyes, moral people.)

I'm sure the Sable People listened to what their fathers told them too, but somehow decided that worshipping the moon wasn't evil after all -- or that if it was less than ideal, it at least meant that they could more easily fulfill all of Waha's other virtues -- they would get more beasts, feed more children, and thus kill more Chaos.

>3. Those Praxians were sacrificing their religious ties for a pragmatic
>gain. (actually not wrong in this case, but MGF potential leads me to
>mention this)

I don't think they have to sacrifice their religious ties. They simply declare that, at this moment, some virtues are more important than others.

I don't think player heroes should take all the suggested virtues for their culture or religion, and my NPCs certainly don't have all of them.


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