Re: Subject: Re: [Glorantha]Broos at Moonbroth

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 01:00:23 -0800 (PST)

> I am not
> saying that it was impossible that Praxians
> recruited broos for Moonbroth,
> but I am saying that I think such an action--if
> contrary to the religion
> followed by those Praxians--had repercussions due to
> that religion.


> If I am wrong, then why? Here are some scenarios I
> can think of:
> 1. The Praxian Tradition has ways to use Chaos.
> (Seems odd if Waha is the
> son of Storm Bull.)

yes too (odd but possible).

> 2. The Praxian Tradition doesn't have repercussions
> for dealing with Chaos.
> (Storm Bull again)

Storm Bull is a way to deal with Chaos. Effectively.

> 3. Those Praxians were sacrificing their religious
> ties for a pragmatic
> gain. (actually not wrong in this case, but MGF
> potential leads me to
> mention this)

Nonsense (In My Glorantha)

> 4. We don't know and/or maybe it didn't happen;
> YGMV. (Suggested by Chris
> Lemens, but this avoids the basic question of how
> Gloranthan religion works.)

It works.

> 5. Something else. What?

Chaos fought Chaos at Moonbroth. Chaos won at Moonbroth. The Praxian Khans lost at Moonbroth. Obviously they committed an error (or more than one). Else they would have win.

> I realize that the question of Praxian-broo
> cooperation at Moonbroth may
> not be answerable.

nonsense again.


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