[Glorantha]Broos at Moonbroth

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:02:57 -0000

Andrew Dawson:

> ... I do not think that Gloranthans are
> as quick to
> ignore their religions as are people historically in our
> world.

How much proof of people's commitment would you want before you accepted that they realy did believe in their religion? How about if they, for example, willingly underwent burning at the stake rather than renounce their faith, for example? If anyone had ever done that, would that prove to you that they realy did believe in ther religion? Or perhaps being slowly burned alive is too easy, anyone could do that, maybe they did that just because they felt a bit cold. Nothing to do with the strength of their religious conviction at all!?

> ....I am not
> saying that it was impossible that Praxians recruited broos
> for Moonbroth,
> but I am saying that I think such an action--if contrary to
> the religion
> followed by those Praxians--had repercussions due to that religion.

What's to be against their religious beliefs? For a start theirs is a spirit religion, they don't have a written dogma. Secondly, tricking your enemies into fighting each other is exactly the sort of thing I'd imagine Waha would heartily approve of. Why on wouldn't he?

> 7. As mentioned recently by Simon Hibbs, in Glorantha, one can
> abandon one's faith and religious type because there are
> other demonstrably
> effective religions, but there are still repercussions.

Over and again, you're talking not about the faith of religious people here on earth as they think about it, but as you think about it. I've pointed out that religious believers one earth realy do honestly believe that they have absolute proof of the validity of their religion. The fact that you don't accept that proof as being valid, for this or that reason, has no bearing whatsoever on the depth of THEIR conviction and faith.

Some people have witnessed people who bleed from their hands and side in the places where jesus was wounded. Young girls all over the world swear blind they have recieved visions from the Holy Virgin. They don't care how skeptical you are of their claims, these are their beliefs and for many people they are all the proof THEY will ever need.

Simon Hibbs

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