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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:03:22 -0800 (PST)

Andrew Dawson:

[I snipped a bunch of stuff about immanence because I don't understand fancy words.]

> I am not saying that it was impossible that
> Praxians recruited broos for Moonbroth,
> but I am saying that I think such an action
> --if contrary to the religion followed by
> those Praxians--had repercussions due to
> that religion.

Does it not seem right to you that the Praxians tried to use chaos and lost the battle? Perhaps the Bull did not help them when they called on him. Maybe he blew sand in their eyes. At least someone will say so.

> If I am wrong, then why? Here are some scenarios I
> can think of:
> 1. The Praxian Tradition has ways to use Chaos.
> (Seems odd if Waha is the son of Storm Bull.)

It seems like almost everyone knows how to propitiate Mallia. Doing so is a bad idea in the long run, but if your family will otherwise be wiped out, you might do it anyway.

> 2. The Praxian Tradition doesn't have
> repercussions for dealing with Chaos.
> (Storm Bull again)

Of course it does. A Storm Bull band comes sniffing around your clan, asking exactly who the defiler is. And don't bother trying to call on Waha's spirits of law, cuz they're pissed.

> 3. Those Praxians were sacrificing their
> religious ties for a pragmatic gain.
> (actually not wrong in this case, but MGF
> potential leads me to mention this)

I think this was absolutely the case at Moonbroth. The Bison and Impala tribes sure say so.

> 4. We don't know and/or maybe it didn't happen;
> YGMV. (Suggested by Chris Lemens, but this
> avoids the basic question of how Gloranthan
> religion works.)

This is definitely non-canonical to my eye, despite Greg's half-hearted attempt to Greg known sources. I only mentioned it as a way for narrators who did not like the canonical answer to minimize the difference.

> 5. Something else. What?
> I realize that the question of Praxian-broo
> cooperation at Moonbroth may not be answerable,
> but the questions I raised should be.

The fact of co-operation is canon. (See Jane's post from RoC; I traced it back to one of the Pavis or Big Rubble books last night, but I forget which one.) The question is what spin you put on it. The Impala and Bison khans who led the battle would say it was the right pragmatic compromise when the High Llama <spit> and Morocanth <double spit> tribes did not show up. The Storm Khans say that including the broos is what lost the battle <sharpens axe>. The Sables might say that one of the reasons they switched sides was because their choice was between long-lost kin that did not visibly use chaos on one side and a bunch of Bison and Impala who did visibly use chaos on the other; maybe the bross were right next to the sables or were directly facing the Lunar Antelope Lancers. The point is that this is something Praxians would argue about among themselves and more than one group might be right in different senses.

Chris Lemens

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