[Glorantha]Dismembered gods: huh?

From: S. Ben Melhuish <sben_at_pile.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:04:42 -0800

(Tangenting from the HeroQuest-RPG list.)

It sounds like there are Lots of dismembered gods out there (Nysalor, Belintar, perhaps Sedenya, Genert, Garangordos, etc. etc. etc., not to mention Eurmal rather different dismembering). I don't know my real-world mythology very well beyond Greek and a smattering of Norse, but Glorantha's dismemberment rate seems ... disproportionately high.

Am I missing a host of real-world analogies, or is there a cosmological reason for dismembering in Glorantha, or is Greg just fond of dismembering?


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