[Glorantha]Dismembered gods

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Chris Lemens, from the Other list:

Aldrya. (In a physical sense; the Forest was split.) Wakboth. (Well, splattered might be closer.) Malkion. (Could be; stories disagree.)
Yelm. (According to pre-HW materials, mention of which is apparently forbidden because that would consign my reply the the Digest. Pppthbth.) [he disintegrated into different bits]

we also have:
Tada (chopped into grisley portions)
Genert (chopped up and eaten)
Krjalk (chopped up by ZZ)
Kajaboor (sucked into every orifice of the Spider !) Tien (chopped into Than and Atyar)
Hrothgar the son of Storm Bull who had his head stolen by Than's body) Orlanth (48 pieces)
Humakt (bitten in two)
Hippogriff (de-fanged, de-winged, de-hoofed, by assorted meanies, to become Horse)
Elmal (at least, in KodP he is)
Krarsht (sliced like a salami by Storm Bull) Eurmal (who dismembered himself)
Mastakos (OK, not really dismembered but he had hamstrings ripped out as did...)
Waha (crippled by Varajiia Nopor within Time) Storm Bull had his ear ripped off
I guess someone might have removed Malia's head, or at least her middle arm if we presume she is a two armed
the Cosmic Mountain shattered - whether we can equate this to Mostal I am not sure, but there are bits of it around the place. Shargash smashed up *everything* before falling down a crack into the underworld.
Something gruesome happened to the Not-black bat, was it skinned or something? Something bad happened to the Blue Moon that I cannot remember. Was is dismembered or misremembered gods?

We also have a few dismembered, but geographically significant, monsters: The giants that isnow Stormwalk mountain whose head was twisted off (where is that head now?)
the monstrous lead wyrm that the Pharoah killed the dragonspine mountains, and a whole load of others that I'd need to mine DPLOT for.
the faceless statue that was made into a city

and I'm guessin a few rivers of blood, and oceans of tears make up some of the water features.



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