Re: [Glorantha]reality of magic & religion?

From: simon_hibbs2 <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:46:58 -0000

Jane Williams:

>Yes, but what *they* believed, rightly or wrongly,
>isn't the point.

The what is the point? Aren't we talking about whether people have enough evidence to believe in the literal truth of their religion. If so, then whether they actualy have enough proof in your opinion or mine isn't realy relevent. What counts is whether they think they have enough proof.

>The difference is that the RW priest would have no
>defence. The Gloranthan priest could say "yeah?
>Disbelieve *this*, then!" And shoot the guy, there and
>then, with a lightning bolt from his hand (no, not
>from some possibly random thundercloud), killing him.
>I'm not aware of this level of unarguable objective
>evidence being common practise anywhere or anywhen in
>the RW. Could somebody please prove me wrong?

Quite right. It's quite obvious that in the real world none of the evidence or 'proof' of real world religions are sufficient to convince you. But that's only relevent when we're discussing your faith and your beliefs and the firmness of your convictions. It's not relevent when we're discussing the faith and beliefs of people who do think they have sufficient evidence for their faith, whether that's in the real world or in Glorantha.

Simon Hibbs

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