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>In the RW we have a class of phenomena for which our
>normal modes of thought give us no rational
>explanation. The aforesaid weeping statues etc: and
>directed lightning bolts, if such existed. If such
>evidence is seen, on a regular basis, and obvious
>fakery is ruled out, then you have evidence that
>*something* is going on. Possibly, that the deity who
>is claimed to be responsible for the action really
>does exist.
>But in Glorantha, *anything* can be explained away as
>"oh, it's just magic". Magic that you personally don't
>know how to cast, maybe. Magic from another alien
>system, quite possibly (burn them!). But never
>anything that's actually impossible according to your
>current beliefs. Which moves proof from being
>difficult to being impossible.
I'd agree that its impossible in Glorantha to prove that, say, Orlanth is right and Yelm is wrong - at least barring the sort of apocalyptic heroquesting that may occur at the end of the Hero Wars. I'm not so sure its easier in our world, though. Say you have proven that the weeping statues are miraculous - how would one demonstrate that this miracle was caused by the Christian God as opposed to another one, or say, caused by the believers unconsciously using psychic powers they aren't even aware of to create phenomena in line with their expectations? The details of that are obviously getting off-topic, but I think that in Glorantha, as in our world, proving that something has happened is always going to be easier than proving *why* it happened, especially to someone who doesn't share your initial world view.

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