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From: Graeme P. Bell <graemepbell_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:39:00 -0000

Jane Williams said:
> The only advantage the RW
> has, and it's a very slight advantage, is that there
> are, in theory at least, things that *can't* be
> explained by the standard world-view, and if these are
> encountered, some change of mind has to occur.

Or the suspicion of fraud must arise...

Both RW and Glorantha have a plentiful supply of gullible people and therefore also have their predators.

I'm thinking primarily of that cult one of the Lunar Coders was a victim of, but it could equally apply to Immanent Mastery.

I would say that in the RW, fraud is a more appropriate "first option" than magic when dealing with the inexplicable whereas, in Glorantha, the converse is true - but fraud can be perpetrated by magic...

Indeed the Malkioni would class all theistic priests (and the deities) as being (perhaps unwitting) fraudsters, misusing and misrepresenting genuine knowledge and power for self-aggrandisement. Not like those nice Wizards and Saints.


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