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Greetings to the Tribe!

This is just an FYI message in case any of you have tried to contact us recently. Twice this week our web hosting service provided by Verio was interrupted for about 12 hours each time. Emails sent during this time were never received, and have not been recovered by Verio. If If you sent an email to any address at the glorantha.com domain (whether directly, by clicking on a link on a web site, or by using the mail form on our web site) between 8:30 pm PST on Monday 2-23 and 6:00 am on Thursday 2-26 and 6:40 am on Tuesday 2-24; or between 5:30 pm PST on Wednesday 2-25 and 6:00 am on Thursday 2-26; or if you sent an email any time this week that you think should have had a reply but hasn't, we probably did not receive it. Please either resend the email or contact the recipient to confirm whether or not they received your message.

We have already been looking at finding a new web hosting service, and Verio's continued problems are just spurring me forward. We have looked at several services (thanks to everyone who sent us suggestions before), and in particular would like to know if anyone can tell us anything about lunarpages.com, either good, bad, or otherwise. Although we have until July to move to a new host, I don't plan to wait that long now.

Sorry for the disturbance.



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