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From: Warren Creighton <wbcreighton_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 11:37:41 -0500 (EST)

With suggestions that some of the questions are on the wrong list, I thought I would move it (voluntarily) to the list.

   Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 17:50:02 +0100
   From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
Subject: Re: Resurrection

Warren :
> I guess part of what I am trying to figure out is
what comaponions and supporters of the quester see if they are not of the same religion as the quester. We know that you can get pullled into someone else's heroquest. Could it be that if the Orlanthi are pulled > into the quest by the elves is their perspective of the Heroplane > going to be different. If the elves encounter Halamalao do the > Orlanthi encounter Elmal. Or could the Orlanthi see what appears to > be a fire demon, fire spirit, etc. ?

>Not IMO. These are actually separate entities and
"worlds", despite what the God Learners thought. If you're following
an aldryami HeroQuest, and meet an aldryami god/spirit, that's whom you meet.

OTOH Arroin is a very ancient entity, and may IYG behave as suggested by the God Learners.


> But do the events have any specific order?

I am re-reading sections of HQ. I guess my confusion was that the events of the Gods War will "play out" each time the myth is visited by questers.

> Someone has also mentioned that Gods can manifest in
many locations at the > same time.

Greg. Yeah, these manifestations are derived from their otherworldly natures. Wrong list, again.

> I think that what the players are actually trying to
do is part of the details hidden in the myths of two different cultures. Elaml > defends the Storm Realm against chaos. Arroin attempts to heal chaos
> and loses his healing powers in the attempt.
Vivamort injures Arroin > during an encounter. Those are single lines in different stories. > What the players are attempting to do is uncover the details of the > myths and the possibility that there are links between them.

God Learners !!!
Burn them !!!


Oh, well in that case, let them be God Learners, and everything you suggest is true ... ;-)


> Arroin is an Orlanthi hero/god.

>Not according to the GLs. He, like his mother,
transcends the usual cultural barriers. Properly, he belongs to the Gloranthan Court pantheon.

Oops. Are we a God Learn'in or ain't we? ;-)

Isn't Arroin's myths part of the Orlanthi fabric by virtue of Orlanthi worship of CA? Don't they know some of his myth's ? (I am not in arguing mode; just digging for ideas)

Do you think that Arroin is part of the Aldryami myths ? It is the impression I get reading the Cult Compendium.

> In the pre HW myth Arroin is also > know to the
elves as a friend to their King High Elf. So if I keep
> this idea then one of the Orlanthi could be the
quester and the elves > would know of the hero's part he is taking ?

>I once suggested that Arroin is currently
HeroQuesting in the Green Age, and that if you can reach him there, you can reach his magic. Not quite true, IMO, but the general suggestion might be helpful ...

OK, now I am getting confused. Is he a God ? Can gods HeroQuest ? (This is probably way more than I need to know.)

> Do you mean a healer as part of the player character
group or a > healer as part of the quest group in the myth. Arroin is my idea of > the healer.

>Unless you cheat, Arroini are very, very difficult to

>Their pacifism would prevent them joining any Hero
Band. They are _completely_ passive/peaceful IMO.

Fair enough. If the aldryami have myths about Arroin and King Elf, what do you think about an elf (not a PC) taking the role of King High Elf and a player taking the role of his companion Arroin for a HQ. (the player isn't Arroini). There seem to be a number of stories about Arroin indiscriminately healing "stuff".

>Julian Lord


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