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> I don't know -- the Lunars are pretty inclusive. Maybe they are
>moving towards an orthodoxy -- certainly, they have a political orthodoxy
>that is parallel but not identical to whatever religious standards they
>hold (and churches can have standards that the gods don't share), but there
>should be a fair degree of latitude, given the "We Are All Us" business.
Oh, I don't suppose its as rigorous or all-encompassing orthodoxy as that of most Malkioni sects. It doubtless has a lot of wiggle-room in it for exactly the reasons you state. Probably there's not a lot they agree on other than the core credo - whereas the Rokari, say, will have wopping great books detailing what is and isn't orthodox. But one doesn't have a credo saying 'we believe XYZ' if one doesn't care whether or not one's followers do, in fact, believe XYZ. They may well have borrowed the idea from the Carmanians, who care quite a bit about orthodoxy, for instance. Either way, it seems that belief is something they are more concerned with than your average theist, and certainly more so than the Heortlings.

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