[Glorantha]NEW LIST: Siege of Whitewall

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_iprimus.com.au>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 04:34:22 +1100

The New World is Born on the Walls of Whitewall!

The siege of Whitewall has been discussed in some detail on the HQ Mailing list over the last few weeks. One of the outcomes of the discussions has been the formation of a mailing list dedicated to the siege.

Our of our goals is the preparation of a 'Generally Accepted Whitewall' document that details the city, the course of the siege, the major heroes that participate, and some of the epic derring do that occurs there.

The last free city. The last High King. A two and a half year siege. Bryan. Kallyr. Fazzur. Tatius. New magics! Epic battles!! Incredible heroquests!!! Hulking machines!!!! Single combat before the gates!!!!! Treachery and herodom!!!!!! Crowd scenes!!!!!!! Romantic interludes!!!!!!!! Boasting and ducking!!!!!!!!! Exotic new food sources!!!!!!!!!! More heroes per square metre than Gimpys!!!!!!!!!!! An excess of


If you're interested in contributing, be it as a wizened old expert on Lunar infantry units or as a Gloranthan newbie interested in helping fill out an *EPIC* roleplaying stage, take up your scimitar or spear and head to


Group messages are open to the public. Membership is moderated as an anti-spamming measure. There are a number of draft documents in the files area to get us all started.

And we'll be reporting back to the main lists at various times, and asking for story ideas and inputs. Whitewall belongs to us all.



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Warriors went to Whitewall * Came to Kallyr's calling Kheldon Queen called clans * True champions came.

Warriors went to Whitewall * Brave Broyan the bold bade To stand strong in Storm hold * Orlanth's last altar.

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